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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Review: The Mailman Cometh 7/7/12

     Today I will be reviewing The Mailman Cometh...

      Torry Martin is unlike most AIO writers, in that he takes a silly, unrealistic approach to writing Odyssey episodes. He is favored by fans because he knows how to use Wooton: not as a starring role, but as a secondary clown who has a heart and a head. Martin exhibited this use of Wooton in The Popsicle Kid and Bassett Hounds. Wooton does not seem to be as spiritual and as fatherly here as he is in other episodes, but I don't mind that. Wooton didn't play Marvin and Tamika's parent or conscience in this episode. Instead he played the role of unintentional tattletale, informing Elaine of the trouble her kids are getting into without realizing it.
     But Wooton isn't the real star of the episode. Actually, to me, the star of the show is Xavier. He's the reason Marvin and Tamika are getting into trouble, and his older brother role is played well.
Marvin and Tamika are getting a bit annoying at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were identical twins. They just sound too similar. But once Kendre Berry came in the scene and Courtney Brown's voice changed everything was great. I did enjoy the 'coffee scene', but the lawnmower scene had a little too much screaming, as did the movie scene.
     The opening scene is set in a carnival. This seemed a bit random considering the rest of the episode, but Wooton and his weight-guessing was a source of much hilarity. I love this line:
Wooton: Hey miss, do you want me to guess your hair's natural color?
Though he wasn't the star, Wooton absolutely shined in this episode. He wasn't overused and he was given hilarious lines. I only wish the 'third Wooton' (See article 'The Three Stages of Wooton on The Odyssey Scoop.) could be this good.
     Anyway, Xavier is drinking coffee and M & T are jealous. They decide to make some... The episode shifts to M & T's hyperactivity. They're painting lots and lots of pictures, much to their Mother's puzzlement. Marvin's line "I can't hold still!" made me laugh out loud.
     This is the part where Wooton is the unintentional tattletale. He returns the coffee creamer that M & T (Yes, I'll be referring to them as M & T from now on.) left on the back porch. Jess Harnell was born to play Wooton, and he showcases his talent particularly well in Torry Martin episodes.
And now, to the movie. Betsy the Bumblebee is back, after a thirteen-year disappearance! On the SS message boards, someone recommended that Betsy have an AIOwiki page. I concur. Once again, there's a funny line here, this time by Marvin. M & T are being sneaky again, and there's a hilarious scene involving raptors, a lady with a creepy voice, and candy grahams. There's a lot of seemingly disturbing violence, (Very realistic, unfortunately!) and M & T are scared out of their socks.
     Oh my gosh, Torry Martin just keeps the funny lines rolling!
Tamika: I just want to be able to see - if I wake up!
     Tamika is scared, and Wooton plays tattletale once again. T & M are grounded.
     I didn't love this next scene. The sound of the lawnmower was blaring, and M & T were screaming. The sound effects were annoying, and there was nothing funny or memorable about this scene, so it wasn't very enjoyable to listen to. But it was part of the plot, and how could they make it quiet? Still, it was probably the worst scene in the episode.
     M, T, & X think that Wooton is playing tattletale when he rings the doorbell, but really he just is giving them tomatoes. This scene teaches a good lesson to learn: With great freedom comes great responsibility. So I enjoyed the moral. It's a good lesson for anyone, young or old, to learn.
Well, we're reaching the end of thus review. Overall, this was a funny, entertaining episode with a good moral, not especially memorable but still a good episode. It's a true crowd-pleaser that can be enjoyed, though maybe not loved, by many.
     The Mailman Cometh Rating: 7/10
     Did you like the review? Comment!!! And be sure to read tomorrow's feature: Top 5 Worst AIO Albums of All Time, as well as the new Adventures in Connellsville! Thanks for reading!

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