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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly Review: Split Ends 7/28/12

     Before I start the review, I would like to thank The Old Judge for putting me on his Cast and Crew: Take 2 page. It was amazing to be put among names such as Jacob Isom, Bren McFarlond, and Austin Peachy, all assets to the AIO fan community. That page states my real first name and my last initial, so go check it out now! Has anyone noticed that the AIO fan community is becoming less and less private? People are revealing their full names and pictures of themselves and where they live and so on and so forth. But I'm getting off topic. Anyway, if you haven't already, once you're done reading this post, go to TNT and check out their interview, their Courtroom, (which, unfortunately, I haven't read yet.) and their new page. But I'm getting really off-topic, so, sit back and read my review of: Split Ends.

     Liz: What do you think of this sweater?

     Jared: Eh, it makes you look fat.

     These two lines are quite possibly the best openers to an AIO episode of all time. The way Brandon Gilberstadt says that 'fat' line is absolutely hilarious! And Liz's response! Oh, it's just perfect!
     Yes, I liked this episode. Some say it's too silly, some say Ollie and Genevieve are annoying, and some say the moral isn't up to scratch. Jacob Isom (or maybe Ben Warren, I don't know) wrote a review of Split Ends and said that AIO was contradicting themselves, for in A Model Child they clearly stated that modeling was wrong, but in Split Ends they don't seem to address that issue. Frankly, I don't really mind this. The moral wasn't vanity, it was holding grudges. AIO didn't necessarily need to address the topic again since it had already done it in A Model Child. And this episode isn't really saying that modeling is good, in fact, they portrayed Ollie and Genevieve, the two people from the modeling agency, as annoying scam artists. But enough about Jacob's (or Ben's, I don't know) review.
     I like the pairing of Mandy and Connie, don't you? Connie may not exactly be at her wisest in this episode, (That's also in Jacob's review. Boy, I never shoud've read that! I'm stealing all his ideas!) I still like Connie and Mandy together. Their chemistry is enjoyable.
     Ollie and Genevieve... These two characters actually don't get on my nerves. In fact, the only AIO character who I can think of who gets on my nerves is... EMILY! (What do you have to say to that, Pound Foolish?) They are used for comedy and are supposed to be annoying, so I just sit back and laugh. It's similar to Ricky in Do Or Diet. Many fans think he's annoying, but I love him and think he's hilarious.
     Next up in the episode, Mandy is brought to the modeling agency place, where Ollie offers her fat-free mints and calls her a peach. I'm starting to love this guy!, I think.
     Mandy and Liz's fight has escalated since Seeing Red. I love this mini-storyline, and I've had the pleasure of being able to review two of the episodes in it. (I only wish I could have reviewed Stubborn Streaks.) It may not be Blackguaard or Novacom, but this still brings out a side in Mandy, Liz, and even Jared and Connie that we've never seen before. The beauty of this mini-story is that it's something that actually happens to us, something that we can actually relate to. With all due respect to Novacom, we can't relate to an evil company taking over the world by controlling everyone's minds.
     The episode goes on, with many twists and turns. It's all very entertaining, and I liked the reconciliation scenes at the end. I only wish I could have heard the modeling conspiracy that Jared talked about, however. All we heard was Liz requesting Mandy! And I absolutely LOVE that commercial at the end!
     But while there are many good things about this episode, it's not perfect. The moral was something we've heard before, Connie's appearance seemed just a bit forced, (Because if she wasn't in the episode, there would be no major adult characters.) and it didn't quite feel like Odyssey. But overall, it was a good way to wrap up Mandy and Liz's fight. It was funny, it was set-up well, and it was just a good episode. It's not perfect, but it's good.

     Split Ends Rating: 7/10

     Thanks for reading, and once again, don't forget to vote in the Websters!

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