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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Feature 7/8/12

     Alright. The new AIC is up. Check it out on the Adventures in Connellsville page. And now, for this week's feature The Top 5 Worst AIO Albums of All Time!

#5: Album 30: Through Thick and Thin - Hmm... It's not much of a surprise that this one got in the list. It's not that there are any particularly horrific episodes, it's just that all the episodes (with the exception of Tornado!) are boring mediocre, and stories that we've already heard. And for that, Through Thick and Thin deserves #5. But it's not quite as bad as...

#4: Album 34: In Your Wildest Dreams - Oh yeah... Everyone knows this one, and everyone hates it. Personally I don't hate a lot of episodes on here, but because of the additions of Sunset Bowlwater, A Long Way Home, A Lyin Tale, Bethany's Flood, Idol Minds, A Matter of Manners, and The Seven Deadly Dwarves, this turned into a bad album. If they had just had episodes like No Boundaries, I Slap Floor, Mandy's Debut, and Passages throughout the album, it would have been a lot stronger. But because of those, it didn't lose to...


#3: Album 4: FUN-Damentels - You wouldn't think of putting this one on your Top 5 Worst AIO Albums of All Time list, but I decided to anyway, for the sole reason that not a single episode on here was truly good. Most of the episodes were below average, and a few of them were pretty bad. A couple episodes (By Faith, Noah, Let This Mind Be In You) were average, but, overall, the album was truly disappointing. But what's worse is...


#2: Album 1: The Adventure Begins - Aah! I hate doing this. Album 1, as I said in my article 'The Early Classics' represents classic Odyssey. But classics aren't always the best episodes. True, the characters are great in here, but the plots for some of the episodes are just plain awful! (Life of the Party, The Day After Christmas, Nothing to Fear, A Change of Hart) Literally, the only episode that I truly enjoyed was Recollections. The rest of them (even Connie Comes to Town) were all just plain bad. Also, (This was mentioned on BBP as well) the kids say 'stupid' and 'shut up' more than they have to. Odyssey was never like that. But still, this horrifically classic album didn't beat #1. #1 is...


#1: Album 52: Cause and Effect - Yes. A very recent, post-hiatus album. I'm sorry, Odyssey. But this album was really, really bad. Even The Mystery of the Clock-tower had plot holes. And the characters! We're just warming up to these new kids! You shouldn't make them annoying. In episodes like Wooton's Broken Pencil Show, Stage Fright, Fast As I Can, Opposite Day, An Agreeable Nanny, The Malted Milk-ball Falcon, and Grandma's Christmas Visit the characters got on my nerves a lot. I didn't want to keep listening. And even the plots for several episodes were used, boring, or just plain bad. (Wooton's Broken Pencil Show, Opposite Day, Square One, An Agreeable Nanny, Grandma's Christmas Visit) This album absolutely disappointed me, and I thought Odyssey would go down the tubes.

     Sorry if that horrible critique of the best radio drama ever was too horrible for you. I thought, since I had made a best list, I should make a worst list. But if you did like the feature, comment! And be sure to check out Installment 2 of Adventures in Connellville! Thanks for reading!

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