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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Feature 7/29/12

     Well, I know I said the first edition of Just Another AIO Podcast would be out in November or December, but the opportunity came up, and, after countless hours of recording, downloading, uploading, importing, and exporting, I finally got it up! But then I listened to it... There are several big problems with it, including the format, the audio quality, the script, and Penny's microphone. So, for all these reasons, I've labeled it as Episode 0: Alex's Flop. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but you can still go listen to it! Yes, I know it's not top-notch quality, but, since I spent so much time working on it, I figured I might as well upload it to the blog as a flop. We'll have Episode 1 in September and we'll hopefully get all those problems fixed!
      Also, after much thought, I have deleted the page Contests and Quizzes. I just simply don't like it. It's not fit to be on this blog. I'm sorry to any of you who are saddened by this decision, but I'm planning on opening a new, much better, contest page soon.
      And now, finally, since that business about the podcast is settled, I will post my interview! I will be interviewing Austin Peachy and his sister Natasha today! Yes, I was expecting their answers sooner, but he (Austin) later informed me that he and his sister were on vacation. Then, just when I was considering doing yet another Top 5 list, I checked my email and there they were! The answers! And so, for your enjoyment, my interview with Austin Peachy:

1. When did you first start listening to AIO?
Austin: I can't really remember a time when I wasn't listening to it. I think I was maybe 4 when I first heard AIO. I could be wrong but I think the first episode I heard was in The Search for Whit album.
Tasha: I'm not sure. I've listened to AIO for as long as I can remember.
2. What was the inspiration for the AIO Blogcast?
Austin: It was 2 things: the Unofficial Podcast and trends. In 2008, after the Ceiling Fan made its debuet, AIO fans were starting new podcasts of their own. I wanted to be one of them. I loved listening to Chris & Sarah's podcast and wanted to someday do what they've accomplished. I originally created the first episode in November of 2008. My sister & I tried to make it like the CF, but I see now that what we did was awful. I was almost done with it and then I started moving my stuff to a new computer. After that, I found out that the program I used to edit it wouldn't work. I still had the audio, but I decided to start over from scratch. I believe it was the grace of God that we didn't release it! Now the Blogcast is a mix of different things: reviews, interviews, skits, radio dramas, and whatever else we can think of.

3. What are the best and worst parts of running an AIO blog/pod cast?
Austin: Pretty much everything is the best! Blog wise, I love writing stuff and designing logos, banners, and such for it. As for the podcast, laughing hysterically with (and at) my sister, talking with really cool people, & entertaining our listeners are all perks. The worst? Sometimes we don't feel like we have the energy to record. Also, there are times when there are technical problems that delay the recording. But all in all, it's all awesome!
Tasha: The best part of co-hosting is probably the laughs we have. I can't think of a "worst".

4. I really enjoyed Sibling Spies. How did you get the idea for it and how did you get Phil Lollar and Frank Montenegro to act in it?
Austin: We both love anything having to do with spies. We had parodied the detective genre with Austin Peachey, P.I. so we decided to do a spy spoof. It was originally called Sister Spies because we wanted our cousin, Jessica, to play in it. That fell through so we went to Sibling Spies (I was NOT going to play a sister! :) We also wanted to have a redeeming message with it. It's hard to teach something with an action show but I think it flowed pretty well with the story. As for the actors, Phil was so nice to allow us to interview him on our podcast and we love the great voices he does so we asked him to perform in our drama. Once again, he obliged us and did an awesome job! Frank is such a wonderful person and he really liked the script we wrote. We both love listening to him as Kendall Park in Jonathan Park so we asked him to be a part of our show. He really came through for us as well!
5. What are some of your favorite AIO episodes?
Austin: I like a lot of the comedic ones, like Aloha Oy!, Fast As I Can & Do or Diet. For dramatic ones, The Underground Railroad, The Jubilee Singers, Karen, & The Chosen One. These are just a few of the many hundreds of my fav eps!
Tasha: Almost all of them.

6. Who is your favorite AIO character?
Austin: Before the hiatus, it was Wooton. I loved his quirkiness and humor and heart. Now he's too silly and overused. Whit, Jared & Jack Allen are some of my favorites. I'm sure you probably know who my least favorite character is...(In case you don't know, it's Emily Jones)
Tasha: Probably Jared, Eugene, Connie, or Jason.

7. If you could have any AIO character return, who would it be and why?
Austin: Richard Maxwell for sure! When I was listening to the Green Ring Conspiracy & The Labyrinth, I was really hoping and expecting him to be a part of those shows. I really believed that Richard was the mysterious person in the plane crash. The writers have never said that he won't come back so I'm hoping that he'll return when Odyssey has another action-adventure show.
Tasha: The Washingtons and Kelly, because their story wasn't finished.
8. Are you planning any future AIO-related or non-related projects?
Austin: We are working on a new radio drama called Skye Weldon & the Crazy Cactus Caper or simply Skye Weldon. It's a Western comedy spoof. The script is finished and we almost have actors for all the roles. A few of the people performing in it are my sister & I (of course), Devon Francis, Aria Curzon, Kevin McCreary, and David Griffen. I hope to start recording this September and release it at the end of the year. It's a real fun story and I can't wait to let you guys hear it!
     Thank you, Austin, for taking the time to interview! And I can't wait for the Skye Weldon drama! And, while you're here, go check out the flop podcast, the new AIC, and vote in our polls! And so, once again, thanks for reading!

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