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Monday, July 16, 2012

AIO News 7/16/12

Hello, this is Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from The Unofficial AIO Blog, where the new feature Jason and Mitch: Secret Gents is drawing crowds. It's a very interesting feature, so check it out! And though it was partly inspired by Adventures in Connellsville, it's still very unique. Great job, Wooton! In fact, I got Wooton's approval to review the new Jason and Mitch installment, along with a standard, shorter article.
Also, thanks to The Old Judge and Wooton Bassett for listing the Webster nominees on their sites. I really appreciated that. And The Old Judge is also planning a new feature, which features bios of the AIO cast and crew, as well as bios of influential fans like Austin Peachy, Brendon McFarland, and Jacob Isom. That spuds like a very interesting compliment to his Odyssey Actors: Then and Now feature. So definitely check that out when it comes.
And, in other news, news about a new AIO book: Whits Mealtime Moments, has spread. This book will be similar to the 90 Day Devotionals book, and it is set to come out this fall.
Well, that's about it. Make sure you tune in tomorrow for an article as well as a review of Wooton's first installment. So, until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO News!
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  1. Thanks, Alex. I can't wait to read the review. And instead of posting the next instalment next week I think I will do it tomorrow.

  2. OK. I might review both installments together now.