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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Review: Wooton Knows Best 8/18/12

     No U.S.S. Response today. Sorry. But I still have a review of Wooton Knows Best...
     Happy endings are normally good, but in this particular episode, the happy ending annoyed me. The episode starts off with a boring and rather predictable premise, but Marshal Younger does his best. I was thrilled to hear of the return of Camp-What-A-Nut, but honestly, the first scene seemed disjointed and unnecessary. I didn't think it was even all that funny. Wooton is becoming an annoying filler character, and I'm one of the fans who agrees with Austin Peachy's article The Three Stages of Wooton. (Which is a very good article, by the way. Go read it if you haven't already!)
     Bringing in a new voice for a kid is something AIO has done many times before, with Heather and even Rodney for one episode. (Like Father, Like Son) Of course, I prefer Kelly Stables to Hope Levy, and this episode made me like the character of Olivia all the more.
     The episode progresses nicely. I actually thoroughly enjoyed Wooton's 'thumb' monologue, even if his appearance in the opening scene annoyed me. It was the first time I'd laughed at a new AIO episode in a long, long time.
     David Parker's conversation with Olivia was also one of the best scenes on this album. It was great to hear a little more about the people he knew as a kid. And I also liked that, for once, Olivia didn't get her way. I was glad that she didn't get to go to camp, because I knew she would learn more if she didn't, and it would make for a better episode. But as I said before, the ending annoyed me.
    When the ending finally came around, I rolled my eyes. The whole 'Melissa Syphers' thing was just plain stupid. Olivia screaming, Melissa calling her by name, everything about it was annoying, unnecessary, and stupid. I would have been much more satisfied if she hadn't met Melissa. And the actress they got to play the singer was just - ugh.
     Overall, this episode was okay, I suppose, but the last scene and the first scene kind of made it a bit of a downer. If both scenes had been removed, I think I would have rated it a lot more.

    Wooton Knows Best Rating 5/10

    I know, I know, this is a reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy short review. But, like I said, my reviews of 56 will be a whole lot longer.
     Thanks for reading!

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