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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AIO News 7/18/12

Sorry it's so late. I just got a little lazy on my posting. Actually, I'm on vacation and I've been on vacation since Sunday, so be grateful that I've posted at all. It's kind of difficult to post while on vacation, but I manage. Thank you for all your support for my blog.
Before I report the few scraps of news that I've got, I'd like to say that there may not be a U.S.S. Response tomorrow. There might be, but if there isn't, I just wanted to warn you. And now, for the news...
Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from The Wod-Fam-Od Podcast, where there is buzz about the first episode. This podcast is being compared to The Ceiling Fan, so I suggest you check it out, even though I haven't heard it yet.
Also, The Odyssey Scoop has released three new audio interviews to their Interviews page, so definitely check those out.
Well, that's about it. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting to you on... AIO News!
Thanks for reading!

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