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Monday, July 2, 2012

AIO News 7/2/12

     All the excitement about the big surprise is now over. Did you enjoy Adventures in Connellsville? Drop a comment about it! The next AIC should come out next Tuesday or Wednseday, but no guarantees. And now, for the news...
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson reporting at you live from The Exclusive AIO Forum, where CreativeThinker101 (me) has made history by starting the fourth major AIO forum. Currently, there are only a few users, but we are looking for more. So check it out with this link: Exclusive AIO Forum But that's not the only thing I'm doing other than The Blog. I just updated the Contests and Quizzes page. It now has a contest and a quiz question. Check that page out!
     Also, thanks to fodo14 from The Boredom Buster Podcast, Wooton Bassett from The Unofficial AIO Blog, and The Old Judge from Twists and Turns for posting stuff about my blog and the big surprise. I really appreciated their compliments.
     And, in other news, citizens of Connellsville are outraged at alleged criminal activities by the gang The Brothers, saying that they found out about the crimes from an AIO fan blog. Well, that's it. I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time for... AIO news!
     Thanks for reading!

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