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Friday, September 21, 2012

AIO News 9/21/12

     Well, for various reasons, (like life) I've taken my longest break ever, nearly a week. Now it is really time to get back into the swing of things with news!
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from Clubhouse magazine, where the new Captain Absolutely comics in there have everyone excited. I do not get Clubhouse anymore, but I look forward to reading these comics on their website http://www.clubhousemagazine.com/. For more info, visit Whitsend.org and listen to the podcast.
     In other news, a new ESK development will have the whole Emily-loving and Emily-hating world a frenzy. I shall not tell you what it is just yet, but it's pretty big.
     Well, that's about it. Until next time, I'm AJ, and this is... AIO News!

     Thanks for reading, and I'm really sorry I don't have the podcast up yet!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Feature 9/16/12

     Sorry I didn't get this feature out for a while, but I have a truly awesome excuse. I've been listening to Odyssey! That's right! For just about the entire day, I've been indulging in the clean, hilarious, character-building entertainment that this amazing show offers! I just got a boatload of albums for my birthday yesterday, so I listened to some episodes I had actually never heard before (in Album 8), as well as revisiting the captivating Novacom Saga in Volume 38 and chuckling at all the unfortunate missteps in Album 51. (Including the character of Emily) But I also had time to record a podcast today. I'll have it out for you soon, though I'm afraid not tonight. I also am starting to get a guilty conscience about AIC, but I just can't bring myself to sit down and write it. I've had a busy weekend, though, it all seemed to fly by in just a couple of hours, what with my birthday party, listening to Odyssey, and recording a podcast. And after listening to the epic Novacom saga for hours, I simply had to do a feature on sagas! So here it is, my take on the Top 5 Best Saga Episodes:

     5.   The Top Floor: In Nathan Hoobler's interview with me, he said this was the best episode that he had written. I wouldn't go that far, but it still deserves a spot on this list. Why? Quite simply, because it's great! The African scenes, the intensity of it all, Eugene's conversations with his Dad, the shocking revelation that Everret is alive, and the ending are all well-done. It is easily the best Eugene Searching For His Father episode and, in my opinion, is better than several Novacom and Blackgaard episodes. It's a true action-adventure masterpiece, and I love it! But the epic ep. that beat it is...

     4. 38front.jpg Box of Miracles: Yes. Yes, I'm sure this is a bit of a surprise. You were probably thinking "Exit!" But I honestly think that the last three Novacom episodes were a little rushed, and the saga could've been given another several episodes to really develop. But Box of Miracles is a perfect example of an ideal Novacom episode: it's intense, chilling, it references God without being cliche about it, and it reveals more of the plot without seeming rushed. I love the idea of Tom and Whit butting heads about Novacom, and Bryan Dern and Arthur Dent just made this episode great. The acting was superb, the writing was perfect, and it set the stage for the last 5 episodes in an entertaining and satisfying way. I say it is one of the best Novacom episodes and it certainly exceeds Expect the Worst, Exactly As Planned, and even Exit. But it's not the best...

     3. 05front.jpg The Battle: Ah yes, the Blackgaard episodes will always come late in the list. And while The Nemesis was good, I think The Battle is better. It certainly exceeded fan's expectations and got far bigger and more intense than anyone thought Odyssey could at the times. Blackgaard and Maxwell are ideal villians, and Lucy's conversation with Richard int eh hospital was fascinating. I just love this episode, it's a true example of a great, classic AIO episode of an era from days gone by. So what other saga episode got on the list?

     2. 25front.jpg The Final Conflict: DBD always seems to finish in 2nd place in my lists. I am a big fan of Blackgaard, but I can't honestly say that The Final Conflict was the best saga episode ever. However, it was a mind-blowing conclusion that blew all previous saga episodes out of the water and set the standard for future saga endings. The way they picked off the villians one by one before it was just Blackgaard always excites me. The entire saga just makes me want to jump up and down with excitement. And, the winner is...

     1. 37front.jpg Plan B: Collision Course: I'm just a sucker for this episode. I really am. There is no way I wouldn't give it first on a list like this. It's more exciting than any other episode in Odyssey history, (yes, that's a bold statement, but I believe it's true) and the way it was a ll sewn together to make way for the ending was great. It was unpredictable at every turn, and Arthur Dent put on another stellar, mad-man performance. Mr. Charles was just plain epic, and the emotion, intensity, and occasional comedy with the brilliant David Griffin all just came together to make the episode that is by a shadow of a doubt the best saga episode ever.

(Note: If you're wondering about The Time Has Come, I don't consider it a Blackgaard episode, and this list was for action-adventure sagas only.)

     I hope you enjoyed that, cause I sure enjoyed writing it! I love these little lists, and I haven't done one in a while. I'll try to post more often, so you guys can get your daily dose of JAAIOB. And don't worry, the podcast should be out tomorrow.
     Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

AIO Article: Jack's Partner: Joanne's Return 9/15/12

     Well, everyone, my little blog is still living on. It's been almost 1/3 of a year since I started this thing, (Big milestone, huh?) so I've surpassed several AIO blogs with my supreme extended blogging time. Anyway, I have a couple announcements to make before I give you my amazing article...
     First, I'd like to give a special shoutout to Hannah J., who is, of course, the blogger who started the half-AIO half-personal blog Me 4 the King (A truly great blog by the way, if you haven't checked it out, click that link right now!) as well as a prominent member of CC and SS. Why am I giving her a shoutout? Well, when on CC today, I mentioned JAAIOP, my AIO podcast. She replied that she was listening to it and commented on how good it was. It fueled my inspiration, and I have decided to get to work on JAAIOP as soon as possible. So thank you, Hannah J., if you're reading this. Because of you, I'll have a new episode soon.
     Secondly, I'm so sorry about AIC. It's not lack of inspiration that I'm not writing it, it's mostly just laziness. I'm not making anymore promises, except that I will have the Installment out at some point.
     Thirdly, I'm doing something unorthodox for my blog today. Last night, I started writing the article that you are reading right now. But I didn't get to finish it. So I thought I would do something crazy and release an article and a review on the same day. I might be doing this in the future.
     Finally, I realize my blog has been on a bit of a lull since last month. I'm trying to fix that, but, like Christian A., I can be a bit of a procrastinator. But I want to pick things up. But if no one is reading this thing, there's no point in churning out post after post and spending hours a week keeping up with this thing. So, I would like to say that if you read this, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE, leave a comment. I just want to know how many readers I have, and you don't have to have a Google account to comment, so just comment as Anonymous if you have to. I just want to know if anyone's reading this blog. And, if I do not get any comments at all, I'm going to do something incredibly drastic. I'm going to stop blogging, since there's no point in blogging if no one is reading this. So, if you don't want JAAIOB to shut down, comment right after you're done reading this!
     Also, I would just like to thank whittaker96 for being the first person to sign up for JAAIOBS. If you would like to sign up for JAAIOB Scoop, contact me at CreativeThinker101@gmail.com or pm me on any major message board. Now, enough rambling. Here's my article...

     The Decision that brought Joanne in (Joanne's first episode was called The Decision. That was an epic pun, wasn't it?) must not have been incredibly hard to make. After all, Eugene had a love interest, Jason had a love interest, Connie had had a love interest and would have a love interest, and Bernard had a wife. It was Jack's turn. So AIO brought a character much like him in. Joanne Woodston, soon to be Joanne Allen.
     But, as the Official Guide said, Joanne's introduction was not just to give Jack a partner. They also wanted to give Janet Waldo (Who actually played Judy Jetson in The Jetsons) another recurring role on the show. Janet Waldo is what you might call a voiceover legend, as The Jetsons is one of the most acclaimed animated television shows in history. She played Maureen Hodges, Laurence's mother, and did a wonderful job at it. AIO didn't want to lose her, of course, so they created Joanne.
     Joanne and Jack flirted a bit in The Decision, and then got married in For Whom the Wedding Bellls Toll. Now, you may think, from the first two paragraphs, that this is going to be a character analysis similar to Pound Foolish Wisdom. But that's not why I wanted to write this article. I wanted to explain my predictions for Joanne's return and look at the pros and cons of it. I figured I should give a brief history of the character first, however. But I shall now discuss what I was planning on discussing...

     When I found out about Joanne's return on AIOwiki, (the spoiler destination for every AIO fan out there), I was ecstatic. I had always loved Joanne, and her and Jack's return was probably in my Top 10 List Of What Odyssey Should Do In The Future. (Hey, that's another good idea for an article!) I heard on The Voice of Odyssey that there was some big, important spoiler that we shouldn't check out. I, of course, immediately did check it out, as, like Connie, I don't like surprises. I believe I was one of the first fans to know about Joanne's return, and Mitch's return, as I find out all I can about new albums. No, I don't like to wait for things.
     The question I immediately asked myself was: "Why is she returning?" I couldn't answer the question, and I still really can't. I'm always excited about characters returning, but in the case of Monty and Mitch, sometimes I ask myself why they returned.
     It's very strange to me that Monty's return wasn't as big as Jason's, considering the writers made hints that Jason would be coming back in various podcasts. But Monty's return was straight out of the blue, considering he'd been gone for decades. Perhaps if they hadn't told us about his return in Part 1, it would have been more exciting. But I honestly saw no point whatsoever in Monty's return, as all he really did was leave the hospital, showing up at Whit's house later, and then telling Whit a couple things about the Green Ring before getting nabbed again. Then he talked to Derk at the end and that was that. I suppose I can understand that they wanted to bring Monty back, but it seemed quite pointless to me. Same with Mitch.
     But I'm getting quite off-topic. I was worried that the same thing would happen to Joanne, and I'm still worrying, so I will compile a list of things that must happen in order for this return to be really great:

     1. AIO must not simply dismiss the character of Jack and not mention him at all. I understand that the actor is very old, in his 90s in fact, but if they do not mention him, I think it would be doing Joanne's character injustice, as she was created to marry Jack and compliment his character.

     2. Joanne must be involved with J & J Antiques. This shop is a big part of Joanne's character, and Joanne wouldn't be Joanne if she wasn't involved with her shop in her return episode. I know for a fact that Joanne will in fact be involved with J & J Antiques in Album 56, so this will come true.

     3. Joanne should not be a very small character in her episodes, like Monty was. I am worried that, since Great Expectations is about young Whit and IS and Emily, Joanne will not be a big part of it. I will not stand for this! Joanne must be an important part in the episodes that she's in! Home Again is another problem, because it seems as if it's mostly about Jason, and I'm worried Joanne will be brushed aside.

     You see, I originally thought Joanne was returning in Home Again and would not be in any other episodes. Miracle of miracles, she is returning in two episodes in 56! I am honestly looking forward to Home Again more than Great Expectations, for several reasons, but since Joanne is in Great Expectations, I don't think Emily will ruin it too horribly.
     But the thing everyone is now asking themselves is: "Is this return permanent?" I honestly am not sure. That she is not returning in a grand, action-adventure or epic fashion like Mitch and Monty did is a good sign. Her return does not sound like it will be a big event in Odyssey, it sounds to me like she will settle right back in. And that she is in two episodes instead of one is another great sign, as most big returns are only in one episode.
     But an issue is Janet Waldo's age. She is approaching her 90s as well. (She's 88, in fact.) So, I hate to say this, but Odyssey fans should expect a death announcement for Alan Young and Janet Waldo within 5 years or so. People don't live forever. So I don't think Joanne can realistically become a permanent fixture on the show. But we can always hope...
     In conclusion, I think every AIO fan should be excited about Joanne's return, as it will be a true treat for old and new devoted Odyssey fans alike.

     Did you like the article? Then, if you don't want there to be no more articles after this one, comment RIGHT NOW as Anonymous, or, if you have a Google account, comment with that! Expect a review later today...
     Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AIO Article: Pound Foolish Wisdom #2 9/11/12

     Well, everyone, it's September 11th. 12 years ago, this would have seemed unimportant, but after the events of 2001, this is, of course, a day for remembering the loss of so many lives on that fateful day. But that's not what this blog post is about. I just figured I should commemorate the day somehow. Anyway, PF has an article on Liz for you today! I hope you enjoy it:

Pound Foolish Wisdom
Where AIO Characters Are Put Beneath the Microscope#2:  Liz
by Pound Foolish

Femininity exists only in the mind.
A surprising statement, yes. There is no intended implication here that certain qualities, talents, and traits are unique to woman and, or instead, more common in women. However, to be feminine, that is, to actively attempt to reach femininity as a goal, by definition, means to “act like a lady.”
Well, if a girl acts like herself, seeking to do what she believes she must, she must, then, be acting like a female. Women are different from one another, are they not? If women act like themselves, they must then act very differently, must they not? How, then, can we generalize femininity, and call it being “ladylike” or “feminine” or “womanly”?
Perhaps seeking to define humans, saying they need to behave certain ways to fit into their certain groups, qualifies as one of the most foolish things people do, (well, it might be in the top five billion, anyway.)
But it’s not just young women. Of course, they’re the first that come to mind. Yet, society obsesses with classification of the human race. Another toy of society is men’s identity. Men are supposed to be masculine, manly, emotionally reserved, and conquest women.
There is a great deal of bleariness in the political swamp of defining the male identity when it comes to politically correct gender identity. Why, for instance, is it that women can wear men’s clothes without anyone raising an eyebrow, but men are assumed gay if they don any female habits? In actuality, men in general have some rather feminine tendencies. I won’t pretend to be an exception. I enjoy chic flicks, my philosophy in regards to books is the more romantic the better, I enjoy gardening, and I’ve even, with some interest, hidden myself away to secretly read bits of one of my sister’s books on cosmetology! After all, both genders are humans.
Supposedly, culture is about not stereotyping, not classifying, letting people be who they want to be. Being tolerant, accepting different races, religions, and behaviors.
Truth is, modern culture practically revolves around the opposite of all that. Stereotyping.
Brave liberated divorced women. Cool gay guys in neat clothes who give women “manly” affection without the danger of attraction. Party-happy, oh-so-glamorous teen revolutionaries.
This isn’t anything new. Our culture has never been about all that, and hopefully never will be. We are America, and America means individualism, capitalism, be who you can be and all you can be.
Wonderful speech, Mister Deep and Serious. I know you’re extremely busy trying to be sophisticated, but how about giving us that stupid Liz character analysis!?
Okay, okay, patience, that was all leading up to it. Liz breaths fire into her episodes. Her snappy, confident, bold voice strides aside her sharp, biting attitude. Ah! Her voice and attitude. As so often happens in AIO, they are as pearls and an oyster.
On the other hand, all good characters must be flawed. And Liz’s flaws lead to interesting contradictions in her character. Liz’s assertive frame of mind leads her to see her brother’s new fiancée as a rival and the fiancée’s relationship with him as a power struggle, after feeling replaced by the new woman. Her bold newspaper reporting springs a trap on her own behavior in Lost by a Nose, and we see even Liz can be wiled by recognition.
Liz speaks out with an admirable boldness. She takes action with toughness and caprice.
Many characters behave in a way known as passive aggressive. That is, they are shy of direct confrontation. Liz stands as the opposite.
Indeed, she can be seen as the opposite of many of the other well-beloved AIO girls. Such as the sweet, gentle Lucy, mild if at times somewhat grouchy or plucky Robyn, or… interestingly enough, Liz’s closest friend, Mandy.
How does a brave, outspoken girl like Liz work so well with a friend like Mandy? People often say opposites make for the best friendships. The contrast remains curious, still… and interesting. How come AIO once tended to focus on all sugar and spice girls? Why is Liz’s fire balanced in so many of her episodes by Mandy’s femaleness and reasoning?
Were writers and directors in the past more hesitant about grrrrl characters than today? One feels tempted to believe so when one observes the biggest AIO girl of today, the forceful Emily Jones, and the also recurring Olivia, with her occasional temper. Admittedly, such characters then had nowhere near as much popularity as they do today.
But perhaps, rather than seeing Mandy as the feminine voice of reason trying to steady Liz’s un-girlyness, she plays more the role of caution alongside strength. Strength that constantly wants out.
Strength is not folly, nor caution strength’s master.
Yes, Liz has her moments of timidity. For instance, why oh why did Liz have to be so helpless in Hindsight? Couldn’t she have displayed just a little of her forcefulness when the thief appeared when she was behind the counter? However, that took place in Liz’s relatively early years. One may be tempted to think if the thief showed his face to the later Liz, he would have been the one worried about a hurt head.
But that is one aggravating kink in the armor of Liz’s character. We never see her in any real danger. She got left out of the Nova Com Saga, along with a few other characters, like Bernard for the most part, and no episode can be heard where Liz has to do any true heroics.
But perhaps she has no need to.
Perhaps strength lies in strength.
Perhaps Liz’s strength lies in her ability to be Liz.
She stands out through her belief in herself. Her ability to say what she thinks. Her fierceness. Her open love of God. Her kindness.
That she dares to be herself.
You can tell Liz doesn’t try to be more tough than she really is naturally. Nor less good than she can be. She strives to reach her potential. By the end of her run, she stood as a changed and changing character.
And she’s still Liz.
For, when she changes, she changes more into herself. Who she is meant to be. Who she wants to be. Who she can be.
…. Well, apart from the fact she seems to have dyed her red hair super dark brown.
She refuses to be stereotyped.

     I hope you enjoyed that fascinating and insightful article not only on Liz, but on women and feminity in general. Be watching for more articles from PF, possibly breaking out of the PF Wisdom realm. I'll try to get Installment 9 of AIC out very soon, but no promises.
     Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AIO News 9/5/12

     Hey, everyone! Not really any news at all today, but I just wanted to say that JAAIOB will have two new pages/features in the near future. (As in, they'll be up by this weekend.) First off, we will be installing a very extensive link page, so you can get a list of every AIO blog/website/podcast out there. It will also include some non-related but related blogs. (Such as Brock Eastman's blog.) This page won't be The Imagination Station, but I'm still hoping I can get as massive of a link page as possible.
     The second thing I wanted to say is that JAAIOB will be launching a inside group inspired by TOJ's TNT Insider. This will be called JAAIOB Scoop, and it will be distributed through all AIO MBs. (SS, ToO, CC) To sign up for JAAIOB Scoop, simply pm me on any of these MBs or contact me at CreativeThinker101@gmail.com. You will not only get an alert that a new post is out, but you will also have the opportunity to voice your opinions on JAAIOB and suggest new things and ways to improve my little blog. So sign up for that!
     Well, that's about all... I might have an article for you tomorrow, but... we'll just have to see. Until next time, I'm Bryce, er - Alex Jefferson, and this is... AIO News! (I suppose it's more like JAAIOB News, but whatever.)
     Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 3, 2012

AIO News 9/3/12

     Hello, everyone. It's Labor Day and JAAIOB is celebrating the holiday with... well, news. I know, I know, it's not too exciting, but that's why it's called AIO News! Also, sorry I didn't get the AIC out yesterday, but I promise I'll get it out before this Sunday...

     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from the AIO Websters, where this new awards ceremony has caused quite a stir in the Odyssey community. It was a brilliant idea, and Bryce did such an amazing job presenting the awards... Oh, I just can't get over how amazing Bryce and his blog are! Honestly they - Oh, am I complimenting you too much, Bryce? I'm sorry.
     Anyway, the Websters were great, particularly those acceptance speeches! In other news, TOJ released a new post that ranks the AIO MBs. He actually picked a winner, so go check out TNT to see which MB won!
     Also, Out of Control In Odyssey has started a unique feature entitled The Odyssey Phone Book. It' s quite interesting, so you should check it out at Out of Control In Odyssey!
     AIO Thoughts continues to produce great articles, as well as many other AIO blogs. Well, that's about all. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and this is... AIO News!
     Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekly Feature 9/2/12

     And it's finally here! The Webster ceremony will now be delivered to you in an epic fashion! Also, there will be a new AIC out later today! And now, for the Webster ceremony, I'll turn you over to the host of this event... Alex Jefferson!

     Thanks, Bryce. I'm here at the Webster ceremony, where hundreds - I mean, thousands of AIO fans are here to listen to the brilliant acceptance speeches behind the brilliant AIO fans themselves. Everyone is dressed up for the occasion. Unfortunately, for this event, there will be no red carpet, but we've got a blue carpet. Oh, wait! The ceremony's about to start! I'd better start dishing out awards!

     The first award is Best Feature. The nominees are:

     Adventures in Connellsville (Just Another AIO Blog)

The Imagination Station (TNT and UAIOB)

The U.S.S. Response (Just Another AIO Blog and UAIOB)

The Courtroom (TNT)

Odyssey Addict (The Odyssey Scoop)

The AIO Search Engine (The AIO Blog)

Editorials (The AIO Update)

     And the winner is... Editorials from The AIO Update! David Hilder, why don't you come on up!

     David's acceptance speech:
Thanks so much to the voters! It’s been really fun sharing my thoughts about Odyssey on the internet and getting a response. I’m so glad people are enjoying my editorials and I hope to continue adding to the online discussion on the best radio drama out there, Adventures in Odyssey.
-David Hilder
      He didn't cry! Maybe the next person will... Thank you, David Hilder! Our next award is for Best Post! And the nominees are:

     Best Post Nominees: This category narrows down the best posts of many AIO websites/blogs.

One Month Anniversary!… And I’m Celebrating with Orbs (TNT)

Nothing New, Nothing Old (The Voice of Odyssey)

Weekly Feature 7/1/12 (Interview with Wooton Basset and The Old Judge) (Just Another AIO Blog)

The Top 5 All-Time Best AIO Blogs and Websites (The Unofficial AIO Blog)

Celebrating Ten Year Since Novacom (The Changing Times)
     And the winner is... Celebrating Ten Years Since Novacom! Everyone, give Ben Warren a hand!

     Ben's acceptance speech:

     Interesting. Out of all the "articles" I've written, I'm surprised "10 Years Since Novacom" would be responsible for giving me any sort of accolades. That said, I am honoured to accept this award. The "Changing Times" website has been running for two years now and it's nice to see people have responded well to it. I'd like to thank everyone who voted and Just Another AIO Blog for organizing this poll!
     Thank you very much, Ben! These speeches are quite good. Our next award is for Best Podcast! And the nominees are:
      Best Podcast Nominees: This category picks the best podcast from quite a wide selection.

The Boredom Buster Podcast

The Whit’s End Podcast

The Ceiling Fan Podcast

Abby and Mandie’s AIO Podcast

The AIO Blogcast

The Odyssey ScoopCast
     And the winner is... The Ceiling Fan Podcast! Garret Vandenburg, who plays Intern Aaron and writes episodes as well as composing epic songs, has something to say in audio form! Click the link below to hear his awesome words:
     Isn't he great, folks? Let's all give Garret a hand! No, don't cut off your hand, Bryce! That's not what I meant. Oh, whatever. Our next award is for Best Podcast Episode! And the nominees are...
      Best Podcast Episode Nominees: The Podcast Episode category will choose the best episode out of all the notable recent ones.

BBP Interview with David Griffin Pt. 1 - 4

AIO Blogcast Sibling Spies Audio Drama

The Ceiling Fan Podcast To Survive and Protect

The Odyssey ScoopCast Interview with Kimmy Robertson Pt. 1 - 3
     And the winner is... BBP Interview with Dave Griffin Pt. 1 - 4! Wow, that's a mouthful. Noah, come up here and say something!
     Noah's acceptance speech:
      First I would like to thank creativethinker for having these websters, and letting us be apart of it. It's been hard and a lot of fun making the BBP. And we thank every fan who voted for us. Before we started doing the BBP one of the thing we said we wanted to do was to make a podcast about AIO, and then lead on to interviewing David Giffin. So we where so happy when it finally came, and super amazed when our interview was nomanated for best episode. So where so thankful for the webster and our listerners for voting for us, and were excited for the new season and the new episodes to come. Thank you!.............also my cohost wanted to say, AND IT WAS SUPER AWESOME TO MEET JIMMY BARCLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Thank you so much, Noah! Our next award is for Best MB (Message Board) And the nominees are...
      Best Message Board Nominees: This category will pick the best of the best when it comes to AIO forums.

The Town of Odyssey

Campbell County

The Soda Shop Message Boards

Exclusive AIO Forum
     And the winner is... The Soda Shop Message Boards! We do not have an acceptance speech for this category, but congrats on winning anyway, SS! And, our next award is for Best Website! And the nominees are:
      Best Website Nominees: This category includes the best active AIO websites. No blogs.

The Odyssey Scoop

Twists and Turns

The AIO Update

The Changing Times

     And the winner is... The Odyssey Scoop! I'm afraid Jacob Isom isn't here today, however, so no acceptance speech from him. I know, I know, you're disappointed, but maybe next ceremony! And, the final two categories, Best Blog and Best New Site/Blog/Podcast were won by the same blog, so I'll just give you the nominees for the Best Blog:

     Best Blog Nominees: This category is similar to the best website category, except it deals only with blogs.

The Unofficial AIO Blog

Just Another AIO Blog

The Voice of Odyssey

Out of Control In Odyssey

Down Odyssey Lane

The AIO Fan’s Life

The Adventures in Odyssey Blog
     And the winner is... Out of Control In Odyssey! Josh and Ally, the webmasters of this blog, have an amazing video presentation acceptance speech for you! Here is the link to it:

     That was amazing, wasn't it? Thank you very much, Josh and Ally! Well, I'm afraid the ceremony must come to a close now. Thanks to everyone who voted, won, and was nominated! Until next time, I'm your host, Alex Jefferson, and I'd like to get out of this tuxedo now! Bye!

     That was interesting, wasn't it? I really enjoyed all the acceptance speeches! Anyway, so the winners won't be a giveaway next ceremony, I'm planning on using a different poll and perhaps recording the ceremony. But, for now, I hope you enjoyed it! And don't forget to check out the new AIC soon!
     Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Review: The Amazing Loser 9/1/12

     Well, it's the beginning of a new month, and my blog is still alive! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I wanted to, but I couldn't. Anyway, a new U.S.S. Response will be out today, and I'm writing my AIC and hopefully the Webster ceremony will be a huge success tomorrow. But for now, sit back and enjoy a nice, longer than normal review from me!

     This will be a little introductory paragraph before I start the review. When this episode first aired a year ago, I listened to it once and then never again. I don't know why I did that, as I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.I didn't really remember all that much of it, so I was really excited to listen to it today. I noticed things that I hadn't noticed the first time, as I was listening from a critique standpoint. But, as always, I also just wanted to sit back and enjoy the episode instead of taking notes on everything they did wrong. And I did. I'm also going for longer reviews, so expect more like this in the future. Anyway, here is my actual review:

     Isn't competition hilarious? That may seem like an odd statement, but competition really can be pretty amusing. (Example: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. That is a hilarious movie and you may know it from It Happened At Four Corners) This episode is really no exception. I don't believe I was rolling on the floor, but several of Jay's lines made me chuckle, and I actually am not amused very easily. (Except by my brother)
     The episode kicks off with a hint of competition. Honestly, I was just a bit disappointed when I heard Jay was pairing up with Matthew and Barret was pairing up with Priscilla. I thought it might be nice for Barret and Jay to attempt to overcome their differences and work together. It might have yielded hilarious results. But, since the theme of the episode is Competition, I guess it makes more sense to split the ultimate rivals up into two teams.
     I would like to take just a moment to talk about Barret and Priscilla. With Barret and Priscilla's relationship (crush) coming up in quite a few episodes lately, I'm enjoying it more and more. I used to be repulsed in When You're Right, You're Right and Stage Fright, but now I'm seeing the great story opportunities AIO could open p with this sometimes funny, sometimes obnoxious crush. I have more thoughts on that on a topic on SS.
     In this episode, I was quite amused by Priscilla's constant observations of Barret's facial expressions. But I was also confuse. I thought that Barret liked Priscilla more than Priscilla liked Barret, from the episode When You're Right, You're Right. This episode, in a way, proved my thoughts wrong. I suppose Barret was too focused on the competition to flirt with Priscilla like he does in many of their other episodes, and I don't necessarily want him to flirt with her, as flirting scenes can be very awkward for the listener, I was just surprised that Priscilla was the one flirting this time.
     I also noticed something else, something pretty minor, but still interesting. Jay apparently only wanted to beat Barret and go to Water World, but I noticed that he didn't know at first that he would be going to Water World. Did that sentence just make sense? Perhaps I should phrase it differently. When Jay arrived at Whit's End or wherever they were in the opening scene, he asked what they would win and was surprised to see Barret. If Jay had wanted to compete simply for the sake of musical knowledge, he would have read the book. But he didn't know that Barret was coming, that the prize was a pass to Water World, or even that they would be competing. So I wonder.... why did he sign up for the scavenger hunt? Oh, I can just dismiss it, I suppose. This whole paragraph is probably pretty stupid. It's just something I noticed.
     Barret and Matthew sure do know a lot about music, don't they? The first time I listened to this episode, I was just shocked by all the musical trivia. It was amazing and odd that Barret and Matthew knew so much, but I suppose they read the book of Obscure Music Trivia. This whole episode was a treat for music lovers, and as usual, Dave Arnold did his research.
     The clues progress, and the race becomes more interesting. When Jay suggested to take all the clues from the statue, I thought he would. It would be good for the plot to narrow the competitors down to just Jay, Barret, Matthew, and Priscilla, since they were the only ones shown competing, but I guess it also would have made Jay seem unlikable, and some of the funny lines from him would have lost their humor.
     I think the montage that showed the four children guessing the various clues was brilliant. It was a stroke of genius from Chris Diehl and Dave Arnold, as it featured so many, many sounds, all brilliantly engineered by Christopher Diehl. Diehl has truly rose from being a new sound designer in 2007 and 2008 to being an asset to the Odyssey crew, perhaps being the best sound designer that Odyssey has ever had.
     Finally, in the epically climatic finale to the episode, (pardon my sarcasm, but I'm in a sarcastic mood) Barret sweetly gives money to a deceivingly poor little girl. This was the lesson of the episode, and a highlight, at least for me. And when I found out she wasn't poor, it didn't matter to me. It was the thought that counted.
     But wait! A gumball costs a penny? What time period are these characters living in? Gumballs cost 25 cents! Oh, well. Anyway, Jay gets a victory gumball and loses the competition, and everything is alright in the end. I didn't feel that Barret and Priscilla had to win to make the episode satisfying, but I still liked that they did, unlike when Mellisa Syphers came in Wooton Knows Best.
    The episode wraps up on a nice note. From Jay's amusing rendition of 'Hail to the Chief' to the many fascinating, funny, informative, and even touching scenes in this episode, it was truly a 54 highlight, for its sound design, its meticulous attention to detail, its fun characters, and its element of competition! 4 stars all the way!

     The Amazing Loser Rating: 8/10

     Thanks for reading, and don't forget about the last U.S.S. Response!