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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AIO News 7/11/12

     The U.S.S. Response is out! Check the page out for more information. But in this case, when one page opens up, another must close down. (Don't worry, I'm not ending AIC!) Because of its lack of uniqueness and also because of The U.S.S. Response, I will probably be shutting the page Contests and Quizzes down. If you really want it back, comment or leave me a pm or comment on The Soda Shop. Otherwise, it's bye-bye to Contests and Quizzes and hello to The U.S.S. Response, which, I believe, is unique enough and interesting enough to be on here. And now, for the news...
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson reporting at you live from The Official Podcast where a special video podcast is out involving the Live Show and Get in the Show! You'll even have an opportunity to see parts of the live show, so check that out at Whitsend.org.
     And, in other news, the repackaged art for Album 13: 'It All Started When...' has been released and the new repack should be out soon. Here's a special picture of the new repackaging:

        Also, AIO will be making a comeback on iTunes this fall, and The Grand Design is set to come out on digital download in August. More on that as the story unfolds. So until then, I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO news!
       Make sure you check out the U.S.S. Response page! You may actually find yourself quoted on there! Thanks for reading!

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