Welcome to Just Another AIO Blog, a site that is dedicated to the popular radio drama Adventures in Odyssey. We provide news, reviews on the latest episodes, articles, features, and we also are home to Adventures in Connellsville, a unique look at the town next to Odyssey through book form, We also provide a U.S.S. Response page that gets updated every other day. This page provides a response to recent comments on The Soda Shop Message Boards. And just recently, we started a unique Adventures in Odyssey podcast: called JAAIOP, or Just Another AIO Podcast. Feel free to post comments or subscribe to this site by email or with Google Friend Connect. Thank you!

Alex Jefferson, creator and operator of Just Another AIO Blog


     Just Another AIO Podcast

     Hey, everyone! Welcome to my new podcasting page: JAAIOP! (Just Another AIO Podcast) We will be releasing a podcast each month, and will display all of them in mp3 form right here! Just click on the links and you can sit back and enjoy our JAAIOB's! If you want to know more about the podcast, start listening! (Oh, and if you're puzzled that it takes you to the Box website, don't worry! I'm afraid, because of many complications involving mp3's, podcast length, and downloading, I could only use Box.)

     October 2012: JAAIOP Ep. 1: Episode I: New and Remastered Edition

     Notes: Our very first episode. Yay! You could say it's a little stupider than the rest of our podcasts, but it might be good for a laugh... even if you're laughing at us. More episodes are coming up!

     August 2012: JAAIOP Ep. 0: Alex's Flop

     Notes: Due to many problems, technical and creative alike, the episode below you is a flop, and is not episode 1. However, since it's already recorded, we have still uploaded it to the website. It's not as good as our other podcasts, but here it is anyway:



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  2. Wow!! Awesome!!!!! cool!! Now will someone tell me what in the world this is???

    1. The links to the episodes are on the page. I believe you can download them, or listen to them from there. But tell me if you have any problems. Thank you for reading.

    2. Are you REALLY Alex Jefferson? If so, AWESOME! He is one of my favs!

    3. Are you REALLY Liz Horton? ;) (This is Alex, by the way.)

  3. you stole my name (: some times i go by Alex Jefferson GOOD PODCAST BY THE WAY!!

  4. is alex your favorite aio kid