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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekly Review: Something Blue Pts. 1 & 2 7/14/12

     Once again, before I start the main topic of this post: a review of the two-parter Something Blue, I have just a couple things to say. I have the nominees for the AIO Webster Awards, but I'm not giving you them until tomorrow, which is the day you will also receive the 3rd AIC, but, if the suspense is too much for you, check out the generous preview I gave Wooton on UAIOB.
     Also, I'm taking on a new approach to reviewing. In previous reviews, I recapped the show and gave my thoughts on it. A couple days ago, I realized that the reviews were long and boring, and the full recap was pointless, so I decided that, starting with Something Blue, I'll have a more concise review form, going into the elements of music and sound design, important factors as well. This style is especially good for this complex two-parter, so I don't have to recap all the things that happened.
     And to strengthen this belief in concise reviews, I read an article. I was browsing old articles on The Odyssey Scoop, picking out random ones to read, possibly for inspiration for my next article. Then, I stumbled upon one written by Jared Walczak. The subject was on whether or not to build an AIO fansite. He mentioned that if you just give away the entire plotline in a review of an episode, it's just spoilers. I agreed with him and I'm sorry for my spoiled reviews.
     But you don't want to hear all this, you want to get to the review! So here it is, my review of Something Blue Pts. 1 - 2

     Pt. 1

      From the opening sequence, this episode was introduced as a Mitch spy adventure. They had never had one before (unless you count Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?) so I'm sure fans were excited by the prospect of secret agent crime-fighting Mitch. Then, in a scene strikingly similar to the classic Pixar film Monsters Inc., (One of my favorite animated movies EVER!) the exciting spy scene turned out to be training. Bummer!
     I'm not sure if AIO did this Monsters Inc. parody intentionally, but it's a point worth bringing up, considering AIO seems all about original ideas. It was still, a great set up, and I enjoyed it. However, there were two scenes: this one and the one with the supposed 'kidnapping' that gave high expectations and then disappointed. I like action-adventure AIO, and I was almost hoping the first scene would actually involve spies. But I was disappointed.
     Later on in the episode, the compass is brought up. I absolutely love that AIO isn't completely focusing on the dramatic relationship of Connie and Mitch with this road trip. They've gone into other areas, like a girl named Lindy, a guy named Vic, a complicated father-daughter relationship, and, of course, the compass. I'm glad Joanne's storyline isn't left out with all the hubbub of Connie and Mitch. It proves that AIO doesn't always do what's popular and obvious. Other shows would've had this entire episode taken up by dramatic wedding plans. But AIO had a different, yet just as important, storyline. And I also like Ian Whitcomb, the voice of John Newton and Dr. Hawthorn, among other roles, as Phillip Bernstein.
     Connie's rhyming theme is absolutely hilarious! I think it's the funniest scene in both episodes. Souffle, Flambe, Monet, Paper-Mache, Sorbet, Display, Bad day, and Okay! are absolutely perfect! And I loved Connie's explanation of how she got in.

     Mitch: You know, I keep a key under the mat.

     Connie: Oh.

     Also, the sound design for the water scene was pitch-perfect. But, although it added humor (And I love humor!) all this focus on Connie 'being there' for Mitch takes away from the real thing we want: the wedding plans! But, because of the funny scene, I think they needed to keep it.
     There's always a plot twist, isn't there? Just when things are getting a little rocky for the characters, their whole world turns upside down. Odyssey has been consistently good with plot twists. And this one is no exception. Just when things are getting troubling, Mitch has to leave for Europe for two years. AUGH! Quit the FBI, Mitch! we're all thinking. But it's not that easy. But Mitch makes a descision. I'll wrap up my review of part one by telling you what happened in hilarious quote form:

     Mitch: I think we should get married.

     Connie: To each other?

     Pt. 2

     Isn't it funny how AIO couples just never seem to stay engaged, or even say 'yes' to marriage proposals? Katrina said no to Eugene, Tasha and Jason never stayed engaged, and, later on in the show, Wooton says no to Victoria. And now, we can add Connie and Mitch to that list of difficult engagements after this episode.
     For a while there, you think that Connie and Mitch will get married. But I'm sure, at first, fans thought that Jason and Tasha would be married too. So, you could pretty easily figure out that Connie wouldn't leave for two years for the sake of the show, especially since Eugene is gone as well. It can't just be old Whit working at Whit's End. How would he manage?
     Now this is random, but I just love that Japanese music when they go to the sushi restaurant. Don't you guys love that? John Campbell really does a good job with different music approaches. And George Barcaly! And June Kendall! And Whit! All these awesome characters are put together for, as Dreams by Constance says, a wedding made in heaven! And there's even a little reference to the next episode: 'Living in the Gray'.
     And then, during the rehearsal, Mitch gets: THE PHONE CALL. (epic music insert) This is another plot twist, this time in Connie's favor. I don't know how much more of this I can take! But like I said, I like plot twists. They keep the audience guessing.
     This is also the scene where Mitch gets a little ugly. (No, not that kind of ugly.) I like it when Mitch and Connie fight. They're not exactly being good role models, but people fight. They have to learn to resolve conflict, however. In the end, the conflict is resolved, but fighting gives a dimension to AIO couples. It shows that AIO is not VeggieTales; it's not a perfect world where none of the protagonists do nothing wrong. It's not your typical Christian children's show. It dares to show things that can be controversial, but it resolves conflict and usually takes the right stance on issues. But I'm getting off topic. I could discuss this further in reviews of episodes like 'Pamela Has a Problem'.
     June and Whit confront Connie about her marrying Mitch, and we know the wedding's off. This is okay, however, considering the purpose of this episode wasn't to keep you in suspense until the very, very end. The purpose of this episode was to teach a lesson about counting the cost, and the AIO team taught it very well.
     Then, the antique guy, Phillip Bernstein, (I sort of forgot to mention him, but this review is already getting kind of long) kidnaps Mitch. This is the second scene where we are disappointed; we were expecting a car chase, but all we got was a practical joke. But that's fine. I think a spy chase would've turned the episode in a new, action-adventure three-parter direction, so in the end I was satisfied. But, in a very touching, sad, surprising, and satisfying scene, the wedding's off. This is probably one of the best scenes in the entire album, considering it's just about the end of Connie and Mitch's relationship. It's a seriously sad moment that you can't help but cry at. (I cried on the inside. Like I've said before, the only AIO episode that I've cried at is 'Greater Love'.)
     But, if possible, the scene with Whit is even better. Connie's boyfriend may be gone, but she'll always, no matter what, have her mentor and friend to talk to and to hug as she cries mournfully over the loss of her sweet, sweet Mitch, never to visit her again until he gets married to that evil-voiced, criminal mastermind Maureen! Aaaahhh! (sob, sob) But that's another review.
     Most of you know my stance on the Connie and Mitch breakup. As much as I like the pair, I'm glad they split up. (Please no hate mail, guys!) This episode is actually hated by a couple fans because of the breakup, but I think a touchingly funny episode with great acting by both Katie Leigh and Steve Burns and with a good moral and a good end to this long, drawn-out saga.

     Something Blue Part 1 Rating: 8/10

     Something Blue Part 2 Rating: 9/10

     Alright, guys, that's it. Did you like the review? Comment! And be sure to tune in next time to see AIC 3 as well as the Webster nominees! Thanks for reading!

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