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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AIO Article: Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents Review Installments 1 - 2

     Because Wooton churned out his 2nd installment today, I've decided to review both of his installments and have no regular article instead of having a review of the first installment along with a regular article. Also, the new U.S.S. Response should be out by the time you read this review:

     Adventures in Connellsville is unique. Very unique. So it's only natural that some people would want to do something in the same format as it, without copying any of the characters or storylines. AIC is like old time 1930's radio programs, and Jason and Mitch is like AIO, the new radio program. Of course the time comparison doesn't quite make sense, but it's the same concept. Jason and Mitch may have the same format, but it's still very, very different. AIO may have the same format as old-time radio, but it's still very, very different.
     But enough about that. Let's get to the installments themselves. I read each installment twice, so I could get a better understanding of them. And I have to say that I'm very much intrigued. I'm intrigued, impressed, and even a bit flattered because Wooton liked AIC so much that he decided to do something in the same format, but still very different. I'm not going to state only positive things in this review. I will definitely state positives, because there are a lot of positive things about Jason and Mitch, but I won't completely shy away from negative points.
     I started the first installment, and I made note of the attention to detail that Wooton had when he described Mitch being tied up. I enjoyed that it started so abruptly, and I was launched into the story right away. And I also like that gunshots are heard. It gives us the feeling that this is not AIO; it's an exciting, intense spy story. And then, we hear from two of AIO's greatest action-adventure heroes: Agent Bourland and Jason! I love the pairing of Jason and Mitch, because they're similar, but different.
     But, though the first part was absolutely fantastic, the installment suffered just a little bit as it went on. I still found it an enjoyable read, but it wasn't as good as the part leading up to Bourland and Jason's arrival. The problem was that the story moved too quickly, so there wasn't that meticulous attention to detail that I saw at the beginning. For instance, moments before the boat chase were not described much at all. That was the only big problem, but it still made this part not as good as the first part.
     But that doesn't mean the whole part was bad; I love chases, and this one was no exception. And it was great to have a boat dock showdown. It reminded me of Accidental Dilemma, but it was still different. I applaud Wooton on his action scenes, but the problem above still made this scene not as good as the first one. Then, we have the climax of the first part: the boat is sinking. (action music plays)
     The second installment starts right where the first one left off. The criminal gets away. Augh! And we still don't even know who this guy is. So, naturally, Mitch knows where the villains are headed. The black van is a classic ominous sign, and I love Bourland's line: "FBI! Drop your weapons!"
     Really, this installment has no problems, except for the one in the 1st installment. But the lack of description is just a minor part. I still love both installments. They're amazing, and the cliffhanger at the end of the 2nd made me want to keep reading. I won't tell you what happened, but let's just say you'll want to keep reading.
     So overall, Wooton has done a fantastic job with Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents, with the description thing being literally the only problem that I had. But that's pretty minor when you thing about it. I still think these are fabulous stories, and I'm on the edge of my seat to hear more about Jason, Mitch, and Bourland!
     Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for writing this review, CreativeThinker. I will try to work on the negative things you pointed out.

  2. Well, I only pointed out 1 negative thing, but thanks! By the way, I just put up the new U.S.S. Response! Check it out! And it was an honor to be able to review your feature. I really enjoyed writing the review. Great job with Jason and Mitch!