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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Feature 7/22/12

     I was expecting to do an interview today, but the person I'm interviewing hasn't responded yet, so I'll save the interview for next week, and instead, I'll do another one of my famous lists. This time, however, I'll be doing The Top 5 Best AIO Characters of All Time. Also, there's a new AIC today as well as a U.S.S. Response. All of the AIO Webster polls should be up as well. I already put the Best Website poll, but now the rest are here. Well, here's the list:


     #5 - Jay Smouse: I said he was the best new character, but that doesn't mean he's the best character. But nonetheless, Jay Smouse is a delight to listen to. He's complex, but not like Emily where you can't get his true perosnality. He's a bit of a bully, but he has a good side. I love those types of characters. And he's funny, and he has chemistry with other characters, and he's played by one of the best actors currently on AIO! For all these reasons and more, Jay deserves #5. But he's not as good as...


     #4 - Alex Jefferson: Some of you may think that I'm betraying myself by not putting me as #1. But the reason that Alex is my blog name is not because he's the best character, but because he's the most like me. But Alex still definetely deserves a spot on this list. I love him. He's funny, inventive, curious, fascinating, and he's good with computers. And, as Pound Foolish said: "To top it all off, Liz has a crush on him!" That's reason enough to give him #4. But who's better?...


     #3 - Tom Riley: Oh, Tom, Tom, Tom! Why did you have to leave Odyssey? Why did Walker Edminston have to die? It was possibly the greatest loss that AIO ever had, maybe even greater than Hal Smith. Tom was such a great character, played by such a great actor, that he absolutely HAS to be on this list! His farmer twang and amusing, thoughtful personality make him a treasure for our hearts. And he's the only one who can tell Whit that he's wrong. (Ex: The Mortal Coil, The W.E.) I love Tom, and sometimes he's overlooked. But the character who's better is...


     #2 - Cryin Bryan Dern: Was that a bit of a surprise? I've said in a couple interviews that Dern is my favorite character. But just because he's my favorite doesn't mean he's the best. I love his edgy remarks, his comedic blastphomy, and his seemingly heartless attitude, but, ultimately, he's not quite the best. Dern is very, very close, and I absolutely love him in every single episode that he's in, but the best needs to be reserved for another. That person is...

     #1 - Connie Kendall: I almost wanted to give the #1 spot to Whit. But when I thought about it, although Whit is a very good character, Connie is better. She's the true eternal teenager, and we can relate to her more than we can relate to Whit. If she left the show, I would cry. I would burst into tears. That's how attached to her I am. I think everyone else feels the same way. Or at least I hope they do. Connie is an amazing character, and Katie Leigh is the best actress AIO has ever had. That may seem like a bold statement, but when you think about it, it's true. Connie is the best character that AIO has, and she should be appreciated. Whit gets 6th.

     Did you like the feature? Well, I'll have another one in a week! It'll probably be an interivew, but I'm not postitive. And don't forget to check out the new AIC and the new U.S.S. Response. And vote in the AIO Websters right here with our new polls!
     Thanks for reading!


  1. I would cry if Connie left, too. This weekly feature is awesome, by the way. I like it!

  2. Thank you very much. Yes, I love Connie! I really enjoy writing these Top 5 lists, so I appreciate the good feedback.