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Friday, July 13, 2012

AIO News 7/13/12

     Before I start the news, I have many things to say. First off, Wooton Basset released a preview of the next AIC. I could have just put it on here, but I wanted another site to be in on something by me for once. So check that out on The Unofficial AIO Blog.
     Second, I will release a new U.S.S. Response today, just as Wooton did, so expect a possible comment from you.
     Next, (I'm not starting the news just yet!) I'm doing some very, very special things on Sunday. And, for once, I'll tell you what I'm doing. Just Another AIO Blog will be hosting an AIO website award ceremony at the end of August. It will be done every four months and will have many categories, including Best Website, Best Post, and Best Feature. And YOU get to vote in it! It will be called the AIO Websters. I'll release more details as well as the nominees on Sunday.
     Also before I start my news, I want to remind everyone that my Contests and Quizzes page is in danger of being booted off the site. I posted a poll on the SS, so get over to Sites Around Town and vote 'Yes' or 'No'. Personally, I think Contests and Quizzes should be erased, but I'm leaving it up to my readers! Be honest when you vote, and I'll tally up the results soon! Whew! That's it. Now it's time for news...
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from The Odyssey Scoop, where a new navigation system involving a navigation bar is making headlines. Other than that, everything is SLOW, SLOW, SLOW! There's no news besides that. Sorry, people. I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO News!
     Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my wordy! I just died when I read Pound Foolish poem on the U.S.S response...that was hilarious, quite drastic, but hilarious!
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about the AIO Websters and the nominees, by the way!

    Great post, (Umm...Mr. Thinker or Mr. Jefferson?)


  2. I know, PF can be quite profound. Yes, I just wrote out the nominees last night, so they'll definitely be out by Sunday. There are some interesting awards! And Mr. Thinker or Mr. Jefferson will suffice, but when you say Mr. Jefferson it makes me feel like I'm the writer of the Declaration of Independance! Thank you for commenting Miss Mary or Miss Lou, whichever you prefer. Do you think you'll be voting in the AIO Websters?