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Thursday, July 26, 2012

AIO Article: Nathan Hoobler: The Man, The Fan, The Writer

     As some of you Soda Shoppers might know, today I began a two-week fast of the Soda Shop, as I believe I am getting addicted to it. So no U.S.S. Responses for two weeks. Sorry. But I have an article for you about (who else?) Nathan Hoobler.


     One the first episodes that Nathan Hoobler ever heard was Camp-What-A-Nut. I'm not entirely sure where or when he got it, but it was the first step in a massive adventure he was about to take; an adventure in Odyssey.
     Nathan Hoobler also had the guts to do something that no other AIO fan had ever done before. Make a website. That website, is of course, AIOHQ. Nathan Hoobler has always been a big inspiration for me as my website/blog becomes bigger and bigger and I get more and more posts and more and more readers.
     His website is truly a masterpiece of a site, and I enjoy visiting it often, even if it is six years old. And though Nathan was the webmaster, he in a way hired other people to contribute to his site. Jacob Isom has done that, and Wooton Basset recently brought suzylou on his UAIOB team. In fact, I'm considering getting some help with articles and other pages as well. But I'm getting off topic.
     And then, all of a sudden, Mark Drury stepped into Nathan Hoobler's life. Drury asked him if he'd like an internship. This was the beginning of Nathan's AIO career. In fact, Nathan dedicates The Official Guide to Drury, for starting his adventure. But really, Mark Drury didn't start Nathan's adventure. He started it himself, the second he played the first episode he ever heard.
     The Triangle was great, wasn't it? I don't consider it the best Hoobler episode, but it's definitely in The Top 5. So Nathan got off to a great start in his AIO career. But he wasn't finished yet.
     What soon followed were a bunch of album standouts: Plan B: Collision Course, The Pact, and The Taming of the Two. Nathan's episodes were amazing, and he didn't churn out a single clunker. He's the King Midas of Odyssey, in other words, every episode he touches turns to gold. That's poetic, isn't it?
     And though AIOHQ ended, Nathan is still active in the AIO community. He is one of their best writers, and he is an inspiration to all AIO fans. Thank God that Nathan listened to Camp-What-A-Nut all those years ago.
     Thanks for reading!


  1. Gosh, I'm going to miss you- what with you being gone from the Soda Shop for two weeks and everything. But anyways, I enjoyed reading this post about Nathan, I learned some things I didn't know about him before!=) Oh, and I agree with your poetic words about him.
    I'm really enjoying partnering up with Wooton, by the way, don't worry- not all my post will be pro-Emily's like the first.=P
    Great post, Mr. Thinker!

  2. This is really neat Mr. Thinker. Oh and I guess you are dropping out of Odyssey Jeopardy since you are fasting the SS

  3. Uh, yes I'm in a way dropping out. Sorry! But you know, with my day being less consumed by the Soda Shop, I was able to do other things, such as play cards while vacationing, and go swimming, and even other AIO-related things, like finally listening to the newest BBP Dave Griffin interview, which I really enjoyed. And that was basically the whole point of this fast, to have time for other things as well as the Soda Shop. And wow, two comments in just a couple hours! More people read this than I thought... Thanks for commenting, and I'll see you on the SS in a couple weeks!