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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AIO Article: AIO Websites: A Competitive Market? 7/31/12

     Alright everyone, I'm sort of going through a period of rather deep soul-searching, among other things right now in my real life, so I'm not entirely focused on my blog at the moment. But, even so, I decided to write an article. I was sort of expecting an article from PF today, but we'll save that till Thursday since I don't have it yet:

     The title of this article may seem like a joke, but when you think about it, it really isn't. AIO websites can get in competition with each other. But before I get into that, I'll provide some background.
     For the first 10 years of its existence, AIO never saw any fans start AIO-dedicated websites. This is probably because AIO wasn't a major and popular enough radio drama for it to have many truly dedicated fans. Also, the Internet was relatively new, so not many AIO fans had any resources to start a website. Of course now we can hop on Blogger or Weebly and start a website in literally two minutes, but it wasn't easy back then.
     Then, along came a 19-year old AIO fan named Nathan Hoobler. Yes, I just wrote an article about him. He started an AIO Fan Internet Revolution, and many other fans, such as Corey Vanderlaan and Jacob Isom started websites soon after him. Back in early 1999, it was just Nathan Hoobler who had an AIO fan site, so fans would go to his site and his site alone for reference, reviews, and news. Even The Official Site was never as good for news, reference, and reviews as AIOHQ, The Soda Fountain, and The Odyssey Scoop.
     But, by 2001, fans had a choice. Would they just go to The Official Site? Would they be AIOHQ fans? Would they mainly stop by at The Soda Fountain? Or would they get the scoop at The Odyssey Scoop? Or would they go to all four? Yes, all four seems like the best and most logical option. But fans can't just keep checking each site all day. They have to pick one or two to go to a lot and simply check up on the others. But later, this competition grew even bigger, in the form of podcasts.
     Chris and Sarah, like Nathan Hoobler, revolutionized the AIO fan community by creating a new medium for fans: The Odyssey Fan Podcast. Back in 2007, once again, Chris and Sarah had no podcast competition, with the possible exception of the Official Podcast. So if fans were looking for a AIO podcast, they would most likely go to UAIOP. But along came other podcasts following UAIOP: The Whit's End Podcast, The Ceiling Fan, and, probably my new personal favorite, The AIO Blogcast. Chris and Sarah's podcast, however, soon faded away, and other AIO fan podcasts rose to stardom, like The Ceiling Fan and TWEP, and now, BBP.
     And now, we've come to the present. Now, there are so many AIO blogs, websites, and podcasts, it's difficult to know which ones to go to. So fans are starting to choose. I, personally, am choosing The Odyssey Scoop for Official News, Twists and Turns for Unofficial News, and I'm listening to The AIO Blogcast most, probably. That doesn't mean I will not go listen to TWEP occasionally out of loyalty to The AIO Blogcast, or check out what The Unofficial AIO Blog for news, it just means those are my most frequent. It also doesn't mean that I'm purposefully excluding other AIO websites when I get in the AIO world, I just don't have time to check every current AIO website. And finally, it also doesn't mean those websites are my all-time favorites.
     But I'm not really addressing what I wanted to talk about in the first place. I'm afraid, as a webmaster of an AIO fan blog, I feel as if I'm in a friendly competition to get fan's attention with other AIO blogs slightly similar to mine, like Out of Control In Odyssey and The Unofficial AIO Blog. I don't mean to feel as if I'm in a competition, it just happens. Sometimes I subconsciously wonder which story people are reading more: Adventures in Connellsville or Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents, even though I realize later that that really doesn't matter. The purpose of AIC was to creatively write about Odyssey characters I want to return, not to make my website more popular. But still, I can't help wondering. I also wonder every time Out of Control In Odyssey comes out with a new, amazing article, if while people are reading that, they don't read the article I just put out. Once again, I don't want to wonder these things, it just happens.
     As a blogger, I want to give my thoughts on AIO, but I also want to captivate fans. I do the best I can with this blog, and I decided to do something different, to do a daily post. One of the advantages of a daily blog is that people will come to expect a post from me each day, so they'll come to my blog and read my thoughts on Adventures in Odyssey. But, (this is sort of the flip side to a daily blog) if I happened to miss a few days of posting, people may not expect a post from me. When an Odyssey blog goes on hiatus, I don't visit it nearly as much, because I'm not expecting anything. So, in other words, frequent posters make more popular blogs.
     But the content on the site itself matters too. I try to bring unique, fun things about Odyssey and the Odyssey community to JAAIOB, such as AIC and The U.S.S. Response. Odyssey websites that don't have unique content will be forgotten by fans.
     So, in conclusion, competition among Odyssey websites cannot really be avoided, competition is a part of life and we can learn a lot from it. But as we saw in Top This! it can't get out of hand. So far, the competition among Odyssey websites has not gotten out of hand. But I enjoy friendly competition, even if I don't like thinking whether people are reading this post while they're over at The Odyssey Scoop.

     Thanks for reading my random ramblings!

Monday, July 30, 2012

AIO News 7/30/12

     I would like to welcome Pound Foolish to the JAAIOB team! He will be writing articles for this website!

     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you Live From Jason's Dark Side, where Jason has taken over the Campbell County MB and renamed it Jason's Place. As of today I have become a rather large part of the start arc. It's very fun, and there are some crazy things on there, like a program called Mass Mix. So get over there!
     Also, The Odyssey Scoop has released a free download of Happy Hunting, an episode from Album 56. I recently listened to it, and I'm very impressed and am expecting great things from Album 56.
     Well, I'm afraid that's all for tonight. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and this is... AIO News!
     Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Feature 7/29/12

     Well, I know I said the first edition of Just Another AIO Podcast would be out in November or December, but the opportunity came up, and, after countless hours of recording, downloading, uploading, importing, and exporting, I finally got it up! But then I listened to it... There are several big problems with it, including the format, the audio quality, the script, and Penny's microphone. So, for all these reasons, I've labeled it as Episode 0: Alex's Flop. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but you can still go listen to it! Yes, I know it's not top-notch quality, but, since I spent so much time working on it, I figured I might as well upload it to the blog as a flop. We'll have Episode 1 in September and we'll hopefully get all those problems fixed!
      Also, after much thought, I have deleted the page Contests and Quizzes. I just simply don't like it. It's not fit to be on this blog. I'm sorry to any of you who are saddened by this decision, but I'm planning on opening a new, much better, contest page soon.
      And now, finally, since that business about the podcast is settled, I will post my interview! I will be interviewing Austin Peachy and his sister Natasha today! Yes, I was expecting their answers sooner, but he (Austin) later informed me that he and his sister were on vacation. Then, just when I was considering doing yet another Top 5 list, I checked my email and there they were! The answers! And so, for your enjoyment, my interview with Austin Peachy:

1. When did you first start listening to AIO?
Austin: I can't really remember a time when I wasn't listening to it. I think I was maybe 4 when I first heard AIO. I could be wrong but I think the first episode I heard was in The Search for Whit album.
Tasha: I'm not sure. I've listened to AIO for as long as I can remember.
2. What was the inspiration for the AIO Blogcast?
Austin: It was 2 things: the Unofficial Podcast and trends. In 2008, after the Ceiling Fan made its debuet, AIO fans were starting new podcasts of their own. I wanted to be one of them. I loved listening to Chris & Sarah's podcast and wanted to someday do what they've accomplished. I originally created the first episode in November of 2008. My sister & I tried to make it like the CF, but I see now that what we did was awful. I was almost done with it and then I started moving my stuff to a new computer. After that, I found out that the program I used to edit it wouldn't work. I still had the audio, but I decided to start over from scratch. I believe it was the grace of God that we didn't release it! Now the Blogcast is a mix of different things: reviews, interviews, skits, radio dramas, and whatever else we can think of.

3. What are the best and worst parts of running an AIO blog/pod cast?
Austin: Pretty much everything is the best! Blog wise, I love writing stuff and designing logos, banners, and such for it. As for the podcast, laughing hysterically with (and at) my sister, talking with really cool people, & entertaining our listeners are all perks. The worst? Sometimes we don't feel like we have the energy to record. Also, there are times when there are technical problems that delay the recording. But all in all, it's all awesome!
Tasha: The best part of co-hosting is probably the laughs we have. I can't think of a "worst".

4. I really enjoyed Sibling Spies. How did you get the idea for it and how did you get Phil Lollar and Frank Montenegro to act in it?
Austin: We both love anything having to do with spies. We had parodied the detective genre with Austin Peachey, P.I. so we decided to do a spy spoof. It was originally called Sister Spies because we wanted our cousin, Jessica, to play in it. That fell through so we went to Sibling Spies (I was NOT going to play a sister! :) We also wanted to have a redeeming message with it. It's hard to teach something with an action show but I think it flowed pretty well with the story. As for the actors, Phil was so nice to allow us to interview him on our podcast and we love the great voices he does so we asked him to perform in our drama. Once again, he obliged us and did an awesome job! Frank is such a wonderful person and he really liked the script we wrote. We both love listening to him as Kendall Park in Jonathan Park so we asked him to be a part of our show. He really came through for us as well!
5. What are some of your favorite AIO episodes?
Austin: I like a lot of the comedic ones, like Aloha Oy!, Fast As I Can & Do or Diet. For dramatic ones, The Underground Railroad, The Jubilee Singers, Karen, & The Chosen One. These are just a few of the many hundreds of my fav eps!
Tasha: Almost all of them.

6. Who is your favorite AIO character?
Austin: Before the hiatus, it was Wooton. I loved his quirkiness and humor and heart. Now he's too silly and overused. Whit, Jared & Jack Allen are some of my favorites. I'm sure you probably know who my least favorite character is...(In case you don't know, it's Emily Jones)
Tasha: Probably Jared, Eugene, Connie, or Jason.

7. If you could have any AIO character return, who would it be and why?
Austin: Richard Maxwell for sure! When I was listening to the Green Ring Conspiracy & The Labyrinth, I was really hoping and expecting him to be a part of those shows. I really believed that Richard was the mysterious person in the plane crash. The writers have never said that he won't come back so I'm hoping that he'll return when Odyssey has another action-adventure show.
Tasha: The Washingtons and Kelly, because their story wasn't finished.
8. Are you planning any future AIO-related or non-related projects?
Austin: We are working on a new radio drama called Skye Weldon & the Crazy Cactus Caper or simply Skye Weldon. It's a Western comedy spoof. The script is finished and we almost have actors for all the roles. A few of the people performing in it are my sister & I (of course), Devon Francis, Aria Curzon, Kevin McCreary, and David Griffen. I hope to start recording this September and release it at the end of the year. It's a real fun story and I can't wait to let you guys hear it!
     Thank you, Austin, for taking the time to interview! And I can't wait for the Skye Weldon drama! And, while you're here, go check out the flop podcast, the new AIC, and vote in our polls! And so, once again, thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly Review: Split Ends 7/28/12

     Before I start the review, I would like to thank The Old Judge for putting me on his Cast and Crew: Take 2 page. It was amazing to be put among names such as Jacob Isom, Bren McFarlond, and Austin Peachy, all assets to the AIO fan community. That page states my real first name and my last initial, so go check it out now! Has anyone noticed that the AIO fan community is becoming less and less private? People are revealing their full names and pictures of themselves and where they live and so on and so forth. But I'm getting off topic. Anyway, if you haven't already, once you're done reading this post, go to TNT and check out their interview, their Courtroom, (which, unfortunately, I haven't read yet.) and their new page. But I'm getting really off-topic, so, sit back and read my review of: Split Ends.

     Liz: What do you think of this sweater?

     Jared: Eh, it makes you look fat.

     These two lines are quite possibly the best openers to an AIO episode of all time. The way Brandon Gilberstadt says that 'fat' line is absolutely hilarious! And Liz's response! Oh, it's just perfect!
     Yes, I liked this episode. Some say it's too silly, some say Ollie and Genevieve are annoying, and some say the moral isn't up to scratch. Jacob Isom (or maybe Ben Warren, I don't know) wrote a review of Split Ends and said that AIO was contradicting themselves, for in A Model Child they clearly stated that modeling was wrong, but in Split Ends they don't seem to address that issue. Frankly, I don't really mind this. The moral wasn't vanity, it was holding grudges. AIO didn't necessarily need to address the topic again since it had already done it in A Model Child. And this episode isn't really saying that modeling is good, in fact, they portrayed Ollie and Genevieve, the two people from the modeling agency, as annoying scam artists. But enough about Jacob's (or Ben's, I don't know) review.
     I like the pairing of Mandy and Connie, don't you? Connie may not exactly be at her wisest in this episode, (That's also in Jacob's review. Boy, I never shoud've read that! I'm stealing all his ideas!) I still like Connie and Mandy together. Their chemistry is enjoyable.
     Ollie and Genevieve... These two characters actually don't get on my nerves. In fact, the only AIO character who I can think of who gets on my nerves is... EMILY! (What do you have to say to that, Pound Foolish?) They are used for comedy and are supposed to be annoying, so I just sit back and laugh. It's similar to Ricky in Do Or Diet. Many fans think he's annoying, but I love him and think he's hilarious.
     Next up in the episode, Mandy is brought to the modeling agency place, where Ollie offers her fat-free mints and calls her a peach. I'm starting to love this guy!, I think.
     Mandy and Liz's fight has escalated since Seeing Red. I love this mini-storyline, and I've had the pleasure of being able to review two of the episodes in it. (I only wish I could have reviewed Stubborn Streaks.) It may not be Blackguaard or Novacom, but this still brings out a side in Mandy, Liz, and even Jared and Connie that we've never seen before. The beauty of this mini-story is that it's something that actually happens to us, something that we can actually relate to. With all due respect to Novacom, we can't relate to an evil company taking over the world by controlling everyone's minds.
     The episode goes on, with many twists and turns. It's all very entertaining, and I liked the reconciliation scenes at the end. I only wish I could have heard the modeling conspiracy that Jared talked about, however. All we heard was Liz requesting Mandy! And I absolutely LOVE that commercial at the end!
     But while there are many good things about this episode, it's not perfect. The moral was something we've heard before, Connie's appearance seemed just a bit forced, (Because if she wasn't in the episode, there would be no major adult characters.) and it didn't quite feel like Odyssey. But overall, it was a good way to wrap up Mandy and Liz's fight. It was funny, it was set-up well, and it was just a good episode. It's not perfect, but it's good.

     Split Ends Rating: 7/10

     Thanks for reading, and once again, don't forget to vote in the Websters!

Friday, July 27, 2012

AIO News 7/27/12

     I'm sorry it took so long, but the rest of the polls are finally up! You can now vote for your favorite AIO site/blog/podcast/podcast episode/post/feature/message board/new site/blog. Whew, that was a mouthful! So make sure to vote in all those polls! Also, I just got back from vacation, so expect some longer articles and longer posts in general.
     There have also been rumors of a JAAIOB podcast called JAAIOP. (Just Another AIO Podcast) Well, the rumors are true. A podcast is in the works, but it'll be a while before we air our first episode. I have an idea, some possible co-hosts, and I'll get on the script very soon. (It's partly scripted, partly ad-libbed.) But like I said, it'll be a while before it comes out. I'm expecting a Thanksgiving or Christmas podcast for our first one. But, as I say in reporter form, more on that as the story unfolds. Speaking of reporting, it's time for the news!
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from two places: The Odyssey ScoopCast and the live show in Dallas. Yes, the video edition of The ScoopCast came out a couple days ago. We here at the newsroom thought it was amazing, but you need to see it for yourself! It's on The Odyssey Scoop.com as well as iTunes. Trust me, you don't want to miss out!\
     Well, that's about it. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and you are listening to... AIO News!
     And don't forget to vote in the Webster Awards with our new polls! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

AIO Article: Nathan Hoobler: The Man, The Fan, The Writer

     As some of you Soda Shoppers might know, today I began a two-week fast of the Soda Shop, as I believe I am getting addicted to it. So no U.S.S. Responses for two weeks. Sorry. But I have an article for you about (who else?) Nathan Hoobler.


     One the first episodes that Nathan Hoobler ever heard was Camp-What-A-Nut. I'm not entirely sure where or when he got it, but it was the first step in a massive adventure he was about to take; an adventure in Odyssey.
     Nathan Hoobler also had the guts to do something that no other AIO fan had ever done before. Make a website. That website, is of course, AIOHQ. Nathan Hoobler has always been a big inspiration for me as my website/blog becomes bigger and bigger and I get more and more posts and more and more readers.
     His website is truly a masterpiece of a site, and I enjoy visiting it often, even if it is six years old. And though Nathan was the webmaster, he in a way hired other people to contribute to his site. Jacob Isom has done that, and Wooton Basset recently brought suzylou on his UAIOB team. In fact, I'm considering getting some help with articles and other pages as well. But I'm getting off topic.
     And then, all of a sudden, Mark Drury stepped into Nathan Hoobler's life. Drury asked him if he'd like an internship. This was the beginning of Nathan's AIO career. In fact, Nathan dedicates The Official Guide to Drury, for starting his adventure. But really, Mark Drury didn't start Nathan's adventure. He started it himself, the second he played the first episode he ever heard.
     The Triangle was great, wasn't it? I don't consider it the best Hoobler episode, but it's definitely in The Top 5. So Nathan got off to a great start in his AIO career. But he wasn't finished yet.
     What soon followed were a bunch of album standouts: Plan B: Collision Course, The Pact, and The Taming of the Two. Nathan's episodes were amazing, and he didn't churn out a single clunker. He's the King Midas of Odyssey, in other words, every episode he touches turns to gold. That's poetic, isn't it?
     And though AIOHQ ended, Nathan is still active in the AIO community. He is one of their best writers, and he is an inspiration to all AIO fans. Thank God that Nathan listened to Camp-What-A-Nut all those years ago.
     Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AIO News 7/25/12

Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from Whitsend.org, where Bob and Jesse have unveiled yet another podcast discussing Sergeant York. But this time, instead of chatting with the actors or the sound designer, Bob and Jesse are talking with Dave Arnold, the writer/director of the show, about the true history of the episode. So check that out at Whitsend.org.
And, in other news, The Odyssey ScoopCast is set to release a special video podcast involving the Birthday Bash. More news on that at The Odyssey Scoop.
Well, that's about it. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson and you are listening to... AIO News!
Thanks for reading'

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AIO Article: Sagas and More Sagas 7/24/12

No U.S.S. Response today. Sorry. But I still have an article!

AIO has had many, many sagas over the years. For today's article, I'll be giving my thoughts on the four major ones. Sorry this'll be a short article, but it's pretty late. (8:30 P.M.)

The Blackguaard Saga:

Ah, yes. The classic Odyssey saga. And it's named after just one man: the infamous Regis Blackguaard. I can't say it enough, this saga is amazing. There's not a single episode that I don't like. Blackguaard is truly evil, and all the drama and all the intensity of this saga make it one to remember for a very long time.

The Novacom Saga:

Ooh, this one's creepy! Once again, AIO outdid themselves with this one, and all the plot twists are just plain awesome. And the villains! And the concept! Oh, it was just great.

Eugene's Search For His Father Saga:

I think this saga is often underrated. It's dramatic, intense, and it's starring Eugene! The only episode in this saga that was a bit of a downer: Dead Ends. Other than that, I love it!

The Green Ring Conspiracy Saga:

When GRC first came out, it was amazing! Jason returned, Monty returned, and Katrina returned, all in the same album! I loved every part of it, and while it may not have lived up to The Blackguaard and Novacom, sagas, it still has a special place in my heart. And I loved The Labyrinth!

I'm sorry the article was so short, but I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a rush. I might even add more sagas to it later.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 23, 2012

AIO News 7/23/12

     There's not much news today, so this'll be quick. But before I start, I'd like to apologize for not having the Webster polls up yesterday. It was the result of technical difficulties. But, once I get back from vacation, I should have those polls up. If I don't you can always pm me on the SS or email me at CreativeThinker101@gmail.com. And now, for the news...
     Hello, Alex Jefferson here, reporting to you live from The Wooton Blog, a blog that has been overlooked in the AIO community, mostly because it doesn't have many posts and it wasn't advertised very much. Actually, it was started before JAAIOB, so it's not exactly a really new AIO blog. It's pretty good, but it needs some more features and longer posts. You can check it out with this link:

 The Wooton Blog
     Well, that's it for today. So until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO News! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Feature 7/22/12

     I was expecting to do an interview today, but the person I'm interviewing hasn't responded yet, so I'll save the interview for next week, and instead, I'll do another one of my famous lists. This time, however, I'll be doing The Top 5 Best AIO Characters of All Time. Also, there's a new AIC today as well as a U.S.S. Response. All of the AIO Webster polls should be up as well. I already put the Best Website poll, but now the rest are here. Well, here's the list:


     #5 - Jay Smouse: I said he was the best new character, but that doesn't mean he's the best character. But nonetheless, Jay Smouse is a delight to listen to. He's complex, but not like Emily where you can't get his true perosnality. He's a bit of a bully, but he has a good side. I love those types of characters. And he's funny, and he has chemistry with other characters, and he's played by one of the best actors currently on AIO! For all these reasons and more, Jay deserves #5. But he's not as good as...


     #4 - Alex Jefferson: Some of you may think that I'm betraying myself by not putting me as #1. But the reason that Alex is my blog name is not because he's the best character, but because he's the most like me. But Alex still definetely deserves a spot on this list. I love him. He's funny, inventive, curious, fascinating, and he's good with computers. And, as Pound Foolish said: "To top it all off, Liz has a crush on him!" That's reason enough to give him #4. But who's better?...


     #3 - Tom Riley: Oh, Tom, Tom, Tom! Why did you have to leave Odyssey? Why did Walker Edminston have to die? It was possibly the greatest loss that AIO ever had, maybe even greater than Hal Smith. Tom was such a great character, played by such a great actor, that he absolutely HAS to be on this list! His farmer twang and amusing, thoughtful personality make him a treasure for our hearts. And he's the only one who can tell Whit that he's wrong. (Ex: The Mortal Coil, The W.E.) I love Tom, and sometimes he's overlooked. But the character who's better is...


     #2 - Cryin Bryan Dern: Was that a bit of a surprise? I've said in a couple interviews that Dern is my favorite character. But just because he's my favorite doesn't mean he's the best. I love his edgy remarks, his comedic blastphomy, and his seemingly heartless attitude, but, ultimately, he's not quite the best. Dern is very, very close, and I absolutely love him in every single episode that he's in, but the best needs to be reserved for another. That person is...

     #1 - Connie Kendall: I almost wanted to give the #1 spot to Whit. But when I thought about it, although Whit is a very good character, Connie is better. She's the true eternal teenager, and we can relate to her more than we can relate to Whit. If she left the show, I would cry. I would burst into tears. That's how attached to her I am. I think everyone else feels the same way. Or at least I hope they do. Connie is an amazing character, and Katie Leigh is the best actress AIO has ever had. That may seem like a bold statement, but when you think about it, it's true. Connie is the best character that AIO has, and she should be appreciated. Whit gets 6th.

     Did you like the feature? Well, I'll have another one in a week! It'll probably be an interivew, but I'm not postitive. And don't forget to check out the new AIC and the new U.S.S. Response. And vote in the AIO Websters right here with our new polls!
     Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekly Review: Called On In Class 7/21/12

Today I will be reviewing the episode Called On In Class...

I dislike Cartoon Network. That may seem like an odd statement considering I'm reviewing an Adventures in Odyssey episode, but for this particular episode it's NOT a weird statement. Cartoon Network's ridiculous situations, bad portrayal of adults, and unrealistic and stupid story-lines sicken me. Odyssey was never like that. Odyssey has always been realistic and uplifting.
The first scene in Called On In Class is certainly intriguing. It was set up quite well, with Trent narrating and showing all the students carols problems. I'm one of the few AIO fans who likes character narration. I think it's a good plot device, and it gives us a fantastic peek into the characters thoughts and world. Sure it can be a little too much, but I still enjoy it.
Now, if you skipped the first paragraph and just read the second, you would think I thought this episode was great! On the contrary, I didn't like this episode. It's worse than Seeing Red. The first scene is probably the best. Until Trent said, "I - Trent DeWhite, will be, called on - in class." I thought this could be a good classic schoolyard episode, something we haven't had in a while. But the episode went downhill from there. Way downhill.
So Brenda, the bothersome (Notice I didn't say 'annoying'!) girl of this episode, is bragging about how good she is at public speaking. Oh, joy. I didn't particularly enjoy Brenda Frazier in For Trying Out Loud, so I wasn't too excited to see her again. She also had a bit of a personality transplant, considering she was an obnoxious bully in For Trying Out Loud and now she's just an obnoxious person.
I got very, very tired of Trent's silly, unrealistic, and stupid imaginings very, very quickly. Frankly, I didn't care whether he got out of his predicament at all, I just wanted the episode to be over. Sorry Odyssey! But go read Jacob Isom's review of Called On In Class and you'll see I'm not the only negative person in this world. (Just kidding, Jacob! Sort of.)
I also disliked the ridiculousness of Trent's imaginings.

Governor: That was positively stinky! I'm calling the national guard!

Trent: Oh, no! The attack dogs are coming!

See what I mean? AIO was never like Cartoon Network, until now. I was very disappointed in Bob Hoose for that.
But though there were many things that I disliked about this episode, there were a couple things that I sort of liked, though they didn't make up for the rest of the episode. The first scene for one. The second thing that I sort of liked was the story of Abel McKalister. It may have been predictable, but I still sort of enjoyed it. It was great to see a little more of Odyssey's history.
When the episode finally ended, I was left with mixed feelings. I was annoyed, frustrated, and even a bit sad that Odyssey would produce this.
Needless to say, I highly disliked this episode. I don't want to say I hated it, because, like I said, there were a couple of good things about it, but I highly disliked it. It's not the kind of stuff you would think AIO would create.

Called On In Class Rating: 3 Stars

Thanks for reading this rather negative review!

Friday, July 20, 2012

AIO News 7/20/12

Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from A Town Called Odyssey, the newest AIO website, which was started by Katrina Meltsner, Wooton Bassett's sister, a couple days ago. (Was that too many commas?) It only has one post, but check it out!
Also, the final cover for Album 56 has been released.
Well, that's about it. I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO News!
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

AIO Article: The AIO Conspiracy 7/19/12

Alright, guys. There probably won't be a U.S.S. Response today, but there will be an article. Like I said yesterday, I'm on vacation. And now, for my article: The AIO Conspiracy:

Through careful observation, ace detective Alex Jefferson, er, me, recently discovered that Eugene Meltsner is actually... a robot! You heard that right. Eugene Meltsner is a robot. How did we find this out? Through careful observation, of course! We recently saw Eugene changing his batteries. There are rumors that a weed is spreading this story, but we don't really know. Another 'robot' incident occurred when Odyssey resident Mandy Strausberg told Eugene at a live show, "You know Eugene, if you were any more like a computer, we'd have to check for viruses." We hid a mic in Eugene's house and found out that his wife Katrina in fact DOES check for viruses every night. This is naturally disturbing news, so we've decided to take drastic action. We put a bag over Eugene's head and unplugged him. It was most gruesome. And though the citizens of Odyssey were upset, we still stopped Eugene's nefarious plan to unplug every robot in the universe by unplugging HIM! And so, yet another baffling conspiracy has been solved by - yours truly.

Was my lack of inspiration today noticeable? Was the article too short? Email me at CreativeThinker101@gmail.com, pm me on the SS, or comment on this post to give me your thoughts on the article. Well, that's about all for today. I have a lot of ideas for JAAIOB bouncing around in my head, but I'm saving them until I get back from vacation.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AIO News 7/18/12

Sorry it's so late. I just got a little lazy on my posting. Actually, I'm on vacation and I've been on vacation since Sunday, so be grateful that I've posted at all. It's kind of difficult to post while on vacation, but I manage. Thank you for all your support for my blog.
Before I report the few scraps of news that I've got, I'd like to say that there may not be a U.S.S. Response tomorrow. There might be, but if there isn't, I just wanted to warn you. And now, for the news...
Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from The Wod-Fam-Od Podcast, where there is buzz about the first episode. This podcast is being compared to The Ceiling Fan, so I suggest you check it out, even though I haven't heard it yet.
Also, The Odyssey Scoop has released three new audio interviews to their Interviews page, so definitely check those out.
Well, that's about it. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting to you on... AIO News!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AIO Article: Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents Review Installments 1 - 2

     Because Wooton churned out his 2nd installment today, I've decided to review both of his installments and have no regular article instead of having a review of the first installment along with a regular article. Also, the new U.S.S. Response should be out by the time you read this review:

     Adventures in Connellsville is unique. Very unique. So it's only natural that some people would want to do something in the same format as it, without copying any of the characters or storylines. AIC is like old time 1930's radio programs, and Jason and Mitch is like AIO, the new radio program. Of course the time comparison doesn't quite make sense, but it's the same concept. Jason and Mitch may have the same format, but it's still very, very different. AIO may have the same format as old-time radio, but it's still very, very different.
     But enough about that. Let's get to the installments themselves. I read each installment twice, so I could get a better understanding of them. And I have to say that I'm very much intrigued. I'm intrigued, impressed, and even a bit flattered because Wooton liked AIC so much that he decided to do something in the same format, but still very different. I'm not going to state only positive things in this review. I will definitely state positives, because there are a lot of positive things about Jason and Mitch, but I won't completely shy away from negative points.
     I started the first installment, and I made note of the attention to detail that Wooton had when he described Mitch being tied up. I enjoyed that it started so abruptly, and I was launched into the story right away. And I also like that gunshots are heard. It gives us the feeling that this is not AIO; it's an exciting, intense spy story. And then, we hear from two of AIO's greatest action-adventure heroes: Agent Bourland and Jason! I love the pairing of Jason and Mitch, because they're similar, but different.
     But, though the first part was absolutely fantastic, the installment suffered just a little bit as it went on. I still found it an enjoyable read, but it wasn't as good as the part leading up to Bourland and Jason's arrival. The problem was that the story moved too quickly, so there wasn't that meticulous attention to detail that I saw at the beginning. For instance, moments before the boat chase were not described much at all. That was the only big problem, but it still made this part not as good as the first part.
     But that doesn't mean the whole part was bad; I love chases, and this one was no exception. And it was great to have a boat dock showdown. It reminded me of Accidental Dilemma, but it was still different. I applaud Wooton on his action scenes, but the problem above still made this scene not as good as the first one. Then, we have the climax of the first part: the boat is sinking. (action music plays)
     The second installment starts right where the first one left off. The criminal gets away. Augh! And we still don't even know who this guy is. So, naturally, Mitch knows where the villains are headed. The black van is a classic ominous sign, and I love Bourland's line: "FBI! Drop your weapons!"
     Really, this installment has no problems, except for the one in the 1st installment. But the lack of description is just a minor part. I still love both installments. They're amazing, and the cliffhanger at the end of the 2nd made me want to keep reading. I won't tell you what happened, but let's just say you'll want to keep reading.
     So overall, Wooton has done a fantastic job with Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents, with the description thing being literally the only problem that I had. But that's pretty minor when you thing about it. I still think these are fabulous stories, and I'm on the edge of my seat to hear more about Jason, Mitch, and Bourland!
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Monday, July 16, 2012

AIO News 7/16/12

Hello, this is Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from The Unofficial AIO Blog, where the new feature Jason and Mitch: Secret Gents is drawing crowds. It's a very interesting feature, so check it out! And though it was partly inspired by Adventures in Connellsville, it's still very unique. Great job, Wooton! In fact, I got Wooton's approval to review the new Jason and Mitch installment, along with a standard, shorter article.
Also, thanks to The Old Judge and Wooton Bassett for listing the Webster nominees on their sites. I really appreciated that. And The Old Judge is also planning a new feature, which features bios of the AIO cast and crew, as well as bios of influential fans like Austin Peachy, Brendon McFarland, and Jacob Isom. That spuds like a very interesting compliment to his Odyssey Actors: Then and Now feature. So definitely check that out when it comes.
And, in other news, news about a new AIO book: Whits Mealtime Moments, has spread. This book will be similar to the 90 Day Devotionals book, and it is set to come out this fall.
Well, that's about it. Make sure you tune in tomorrow for an article as well as a review of Wooton's first installment. So, until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO News!
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Feature 7/15/12

     Wow, it's a busy day for my blog. The nominees for the AIO Websters will be unveiled in this post, the new AIC is out today, and there's a new U.S.S. Response! Make sure you check all those changes out! And now, here are the categories and nominees:

Best Website Nominees: This category includes the best active AIO websites. No blogs.

The Odyssey Scoop

Twists and Turns

The AIO Update

The Changing Times

Best Blog Nominees: This category is similar to the best website category, except it deals only with blogs.

The Unofficial AIO Blog

Just Another AIO Blog

The Voice of Odyssey

Out of Control In Odyssey

Down Odyssey Lane

The AIO Fan’s Life

The Adventures in Odyssey Blog

Best Feature Nominees: This category includes all pages and extra features on websites/blogs.

Adventures in Connellsville (Just Another AIO Blog)

The Imagination Station (TNT and UAIOB)

The U.S.S. Response (Just Another AIO Blog and UAIOB)

The Courtroom (TNT)

Odyssey Addict (The Odyssey Scoop)

The AIO Search Engine (The AIO Blog)

Editorials (The AIO Update)

Best Post Nominees: This category narrows down the best posts of many AIO websites/blogs.

One Month Anniversary!… And I’m Celebrating with Orbs (TNT)

Nothing New, Nothing Old (The Voice of Odyssey)

Weekly Feature 7/1/12 (Interview with Wooton Basset and The Old Judge) (Just Another AIO Blog)

The Top 5 All-Time Best AIO Blogs and Websites (The Unofficial AIO Blog)

Celebrating Ten Year Since Novacom (The Changing Times)

Best Podcast Nominees: This category picks the best podcast from quite a wide selection.

The Boredom Buster Podcast

The Whit’s End Podcast

The Ceiling Fan Podcast

Abby and Mandie’s AIO Podcast

The AIO Blogcast

The Odyssey ScoopCast

Best Podcast Episode Nominees: The Podcast Episode category will choose the best episode out of all the notable recent ones.

BBP Interview with David Griffin Pt. 1 - 4

AIO Blogcast Sibling Spies Audio Drama

The Ceiling Fan Podcast To Survive and Protect

The Odyssey ScoopCast Interview with Kimmy Robertson Pt. 1 - 3

Best Message Board Nominees: This category will pick the best of the best when it comes to AIO forums.

The Town of Odyssey

Campbell County

The Soda Shop Message Boards

Exclusive AIO Forum

Best New Site/Blog/Podcast Nominees: This category acknowledges new websites that aren't incredibly popular but still just as good.

Just Another AIO Blog

Twists and Turns

The Unofficial AIO Blog

The Boredom Buster Podcast

Down Odyssey Lane

Out of Control in Odyssey

Abby and Mandie’s AIO Podcast

     Well, those are all the categories. Vote by pming me on the SS or emailing me at CreativeThinker101@gmail.com. The winners will be announced at the end of August. And while you're on the site, don't forget to check out the two other things: AIC Installment 3 and The U.S.S. Response. Next feature I might have a top-secret interview, but no guarantees.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekly Review: Something Blue Pts. 1 & 2 7/14/12

     Once again, before I start the main topic of this post: a review of the two-parter Something Blue, I have just a couple things to say. I have the nominees for the AIO Webster Awards, but I'm not giving you them until tomorrow, which is the day you will also receive the 3rd AIC, but, if the suspense is too much for you, check out the generous preview I gave Wooton on UAIOB.
     Also, I'm taking on a new approach to reviewing. In previous reviews, I recapped the show and gave my thoughts on it. A couple days ago, I realized that the reviews were long and boring, and the full recap was pointless, so I decided that, starting with Something Blue, I'll have a more concise review form, going into the elements of music and sound design, important factors as well. This style is especially good for this complex two-parter, so I don't have to recap all the things that happened.
     And to strengthen this belief in concise reviews, I read an article. I was browsing old articles on The Odyssey Scoop, picking out random ones to read, possibly for inspiration for my next article. Then, I stumbled upon one written by Jared Walczak. The subject was on whether or not to build an AIO fansite. He mentioned that if you just give away the entire plotline in a review of an episode, it's just spoilers. I agreed with him and I'm sorry for my spoiled reviews.
     But you don't want to hear all this, you want to get to the review! So here it is, my review of Something Blue Pts. 1 - 2

     Pt. 1

      From the opening sequence, this episode was introduced as a Mitch spy adventure. They had never had one before (unless you count Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?) so I'm sure fans were excited by the prospect of secret agent crime-fighting Mitch. Then, in a scene strikingly similar to the classic Pixar film Monsters Inc., (One of my favorite animated movies EVER!) the exciting spy scene turned out to be training. Bummer!
     I'm not sure if AIO did this Monsters Inc. parody intentionally, but it's a point worth bringing up, considering AIO seems all about original ideas. It was still, a great set up, and I enjoyed it. However, there were two scenes: this one and the one with the supposed 'kidnapping' that gave high expectations and then disappointed. I like action-adventure AIO, and I was almost hoping the first scene would actually involve spies. But I was disappointed.
     Later on in the episode, the compass is brought up. I absolutely love that AIO isn't completely focusing on the dramatic relationship of Connie and Mitch with this road trip. They've gone into other areas, like a girl named Lindy, a guy named Vic, a complicated father-daughter relationship, and, of course, the compass. I'm glad Joanne's storyline isn't left out with all the hubbub of Connie and Mitch. It proves that AIO doesn't always do what's popular and obvious. Other shows would've had this entire episode taken up by dramatic wedding plans. But AIO had a different, yet just as important, storyline. And I also like Ian Whitcomb, the voice of John Newton and Dr. Hawthorn, among other roles, as Phillip Bernstein.
     Connie's rhyming theme is absolutely hilarious! I think it's the funniest scene in both episodes. Souffle, Flambe, Monet, Paper-Mache, Sorbet, Display, Bad day, and Okay! are absolutely perfect! And I loved Connie's explanation of how she got in.

     Mitch: You know, I keep a key under the mat.

     Connie: Oh.

     Also, the sound design for the water scene was pitch-perfect. But, although it added humor (And I love humor!) all this focus on Connie 'being there' for Mitch takes away from the real thing we want: the wedding plans! But, because of the funny scene, I think they needed to keep it.
     There's always a plot twist, isn't there? Just when things are getting a little rocky for the characters, their whole world turns upside down. Odyssey has been consistently good with plot twists. And this one is no exception. Just when things are getting troubling, Mitch has to leave for Europe for two years. AUGH! Quit the FBI, Mitch! we're all thinking. But it's not that easy. But Mitch makes a descision. I'll wrap up my review of part one by telling you what happened in hilarious quote form:

     Mitch: I think we should get married.

     Connie: To each other?

     Pt. 2

     Isn't it funny how AIO couples just never seem to stay engaged, or even say 'yes' to marriage proposals? Katrina said no to Eugene, Tasha and Jason never stayed engaged, and, later on in the show, Wooton says no to Victoria. And now, we can add Connie and Mitch to that list of difficult engagements after this episode.
     For a while there, you think that Connie and Mitch will get married. But I'm sure, at first, fans thought that Jason and Tasha would be married too. So, you could pretty easily figure out that Connie wouldn't leave for two years for the sake of the show, especially since Eugene is gone as well. It can't just be old Whit working at Whit's End. How would he manage?
     Now this is random, but I just love that Japanese music when they go to the sushi restaurant. Don't you guys love that? John Campbell really does a good job with different music approaches. And George Barcaly! And June Kendall! And Whit! All these awesome characters are put together for, as Dreams by Constance says, a wedding made in heaven! And there's even a little reference to the next episode: 'Living in the Gray'.
     And then, during the rehearsal, Mitch gets: THE PHONE CALL. (epic music insert) This is another plot twist, this time in Connie's favor. I don't know how much more of this I can take! But like I said, I like plot twists. They keep the audience guessing.
     This is also the scene where Mitch gets a little ugly. (No, not that kind of ugly.) I like it when Mitch and Connie fight. They're not exactly being good role models, but people fight. They have to learn to resolve conflict, however. In the end, the conflict is resolved, but fighting gives a dimension to AIO couples. It shows that AIO is not VeggieTales; it's not a perfect world where none of the protagonists do nothing wrong. It's not your typical Christian children's show. It dares to show things that can be controversial, but it resolves conflict and usually takes the right stance on issues. But I'm getting off topic. I could discuss this further in reviews of episodes like 'Pamela Has a Problem'.
     June and Whit confront Connie about her marrying Mitch, and we know the wedding's off. This is okay, however, considering the purpose of this episode wasn't to keep you in suspense until the very, very end. The purpose of this episode was to teach a lesson about counting the cost, and the AIO team taught it very well.
     Then, the antique guy, Phillip Bernstein, (I sort of forgot to mention him, but this review is already getting kind of long) kidnaps Mitch. This is the second scene where we are disappointed; we were expecting a car chase, but all we got was a practical joke. But that's fine. I think a spy chase would've turned the episode in a new, action-adventure three-parter direction, so in the end I was satisfied. But, in a very touching, sad, surprising, and satisfying scene, the wedding's off. This is probably one of the best scenes in the entire album, considering it's just about the end of Connie and Mitch's relationship. It's a seriously sad moment that you can't help but cry at. (I cried on the inside. Like I've said before, the only AIO episode that I've cried at is 'Greater Love'.)
     But, if possible, the scene with Whit is even better. Connie's boyfriend may be gone, but she'll always, no matter what, have her mentor and friend to talk to and to hug as she cries mournfully over the loss of her sweet, sweet Mitch, never to visit her again until he gets married to that evil-voiced, criminal mastermind Maureen! Aaaahhh! (sob, sob) But that's another review.
     Most of you know my stance on the Connie and Mitch breakup. As much as I like the pair, I'm glad they split up. (Please no hate mail, guys!) This episode is actually hated by a couple fans because of the breakup, but I think a touchingly funny episode with great acting by both Katie Leigh and Steve Burns and with a good moral and a good end to this long, drawn-out saga.

     Something Blue Part 1 Rating: 8/10

     Something Blue Part 2 Rating: 9/10

     Alright, guys, that's it. Did you like the review? Comment! And be sure to tune in next time to see AIC 3 as well as the Webster nominees! Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 13, 2012

AIO News 7/13/12

     Before I start the news, I have many things to say. First off, Wooton Basset released a preview of the next AIC. I could have just put it on here, but I wanted another site to be in on something by me for once. So check that out on The Unofficial AIO Blog.
     Second, I will release a new U.S.S. Response today, just as Wooton did, so expect a possible comment from you.
     Next, (I'm not starting the news just yet!) I'm doing some very, very special things on Sunday. And, for once, I'll tell you what I'm doing. Just Another AIO Blog will be hosting an AIO website award ceremony at the end of August. It will be done every four months and will have many categories, including Best Website, Best Post, and Best Feature. And YOU get to vote in it! It will be called the AIO Websters. I'll release more details as well as the nominees on Sunday.
     Also before I start my news, I want to remind everyone that my Contests and Quizzes page is in danger of being booted off the site. I posted a poll on the SS, so get over to Sites Around Town and vote 'Yes' or 'No'. Personally, I think Contests and Quizzes should be erased, but I'm leaving it up to my readers! Be honest when you vote, and I'll tally up the results soon! Whew! That's it. Now it's time for news...
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from The Odyssey Scoop, where a new navigation system involving a navigation bar is making headlines. Other than that, everything is SLOW, SLOW, SLOW! There's no news besides that. Sorry, people. I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO News!
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

AIO Article: The Art of AIO 7/12/12

     Before I start my Article, I would like to say that The U.S.S. Response has been quite successful. In fact, Wooton Basset from The Unofficial AIO Blog contacted me and asked me if he could do a U.S.S. Response page for his blog too! I was flattered and of course I said yes, so now both Wooton and I have U.S.S. Response pages. I was quite impressed with his U.S.S. Response, so check that out on The Unofficial AIO Blog! And now, for my article.
     AIO has had many, many albums. 55, in fact. All of them have had album art, sometimes by Bruce Day, and sometimes Gary Locke. I am here today to discuss the various stages of album art during AIO, from the Bruce Day days to the repacks.
     In AIO's early days, it wasn't Adventures in Odyssey, it was Odyssey USA.

     There wasn't much art in the beginning, just a crude picture of Whit's End, but Odyssey USA was renamed Adventures in Odyssey and the artwork improved. AIO hired Bruce Day and he made some rough, early 1900's style art. Here's a picture of a very different Eugene, where you can actually see his eyes, done by Bruce Day:
     Yeah, Eugene looks weird, doesn't he? And the Whit in the background looks more like the new Whit. That's just another way AIO has gone back to its roots. Another classic Bruce Day image is Whit unveiling the IS.
     This image is a little blurry, but you can still tell that Bruce Day was the kind of radio drama artist who would do things the classic way: rough, crude, with bizarre drawings and not a huge attention to detail. AIO's choice in artist may have been good in the 1980's, but in today's day and age, these pictures look old-fashioned. But then AIO hired Gary Locke.

     Frankly, I'm not quite sure if Gary Locke did the illustrations for Flights of Imagination, considering it doesn't look like his work. But even if he didn't, I'd like to talk about the album art from volumes 16 - 20. It still has that old-fashioned feel, but it's not, in my opinion, quite as good as the Bruce Day art. 16 is in the traditional 1 - 15 style, meaning that it has a bunch of different scenes from several episodes. But you can this is not Bruce Day. There's a problem with volumes 17, 18, and 19. They have no scenes from actual episodes. 17 has a - rock. 18 has Whit's desk, and 19 - I don't even know what all those things are on the original album art. 20 was quite an improvement, but 21 is the best album art yet. Maybe it's because when Hal died, the Odyssey team wanted to get everything perfect. But whatever it was, I loved the Album 21 art.
     Years later, in Album 36 - everything changed. The art became more cartoonish, and, in a way, better for that time period. I loved the art work for Album 36, and I'm glad AIO kept it up.

     As you can see, it's a lot better. For a while, Odyssey stayed on track. They kept up the cartoonish album art and didn't change anything big, aside from redoing Albums 1 - 15 for The Gold Audio Series. Then, in 2007, an advancement shattered album art news as we know it. This advancement, of course, was, the repack.
     A Journey of Choices was the first album to be repacked, and it looked a loooot better. I love the new CD's, where it only shows the episodes and the logo, but what excited everyone was all the new album art. It was pretty ambitious for AIO to redesign Albums 16 - 35 completely. But Gary Locke did a spectacular job. I love the new repacks, and I hope they continue.
     But where are we now when it comes to album art? There have been a few new repacks and a change in character art, so advancements in the AIO art world are not completely nil. But AIO has never focused too much on art anyway, so we shouldn't expect some big, huge advancement.
     Overall, AIO has improved over the years when it comes to art, and I hope to see some more good cover art for 57+.
     So, did you enjoy the article? If so, comment! And don't forget to check out Wooton Basset's U.S.S. Response page! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AIO News 7/11/12

     The U.S.S. Response is out! Check the page out for more information. But in this case, when one page opens up, another must close down. (Don't worry, I'm not ending AIC!) Because of its lack of uniqueness and also because of The U.S.S. Response, I will probably be shutting the page Contests and Quizzes down. If you really want it back, comment or leave me a pm or comment on The Soda Shop. Otherwise, it's bye-bye to Contests and Quizzes and hello to The U.S.S. Response, which, I believe, is unique enough and interesting enough to be on here. And now, for the news...
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson reporting at you live from The Official Podcast where a special video podcast is out involving the Live Show and Get in the Show! You'll even have an opportunity to see parts of the live show, so check that out at Whitsend.org.
     And, in other news, the repackaged art for Album 13: 'It All Started When...' has been released and the new repack should be out soon. Here's a special picture of the new repackaging:

        Also, AIO will be making a comeback on iTunes this fall, and The Grand Design is set to come out on digital download in August. More on that as the story unfolds. So until then, I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO news!
       Make sure you check out the U.S.S. Response page! You may actually find yourself quoted on there! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AIO Article: The 'New' Children of Odyssey 7/10/12

     Well everyone, my new page: The U.S.S. Response, will be out tomorrow. Just keep reading! And now, for my AIO Article about the 'New' Children of Odyssey.

     Today, I will be reviewing and discussing the new AIO kids, from Olivia to Jay.


     Olivia Parker: When Olivia was introduced in 'The Inspiration Station', she was a whiny, annoying, average pre-teen girl. This isn't a really bad thing, but while I liked Matthew and Camilla, Olivia came off as fake, childish, and annoying. It didn't help that the actress was a 41-year old by the name of Hope Levy. Album 52 made Olivia just as, if not more, annoying. I still didn't like her personality. Olivia didn't appear in Album 53. Then, all of a sudden, the Album 54 season started and Olivia had a new voice. Kelly Stables is a very good actress, and I loved her as Jill Segler in the Kidsboro episodes and The Truth Chronicles. Though the actress is an adult, she was born to play kid parts, unlike Hope Levy. It sounds natural, and Olivia's personality changed. She seemed more mature than the Hope Levy Olivia was, and she got better lines and better situations. And, finally, when 'Mistaken For Good' aired, I was loving the new Olivia. She has now become, in my opinion, AIO's best female kid character of the new era.


     Matthew Parker: Ah, Matthew. He's like a toned-down version of Nelson. He's like Eugene in his curiosity and love for gadgets, but, unlike Nelson, he doesn't seem to be quite as smart. This isn't to say that Matthew is dumb, it's just that he doesn't have that intellectualness (not a word, I know) that Eugene and even Nelson have. And that makes him a better character than Nelson. He's not completely stereotyped. He's not a kid version of Eugene. In 'The Inspiration Station', it seemed obvious that Matthew would be the most-loved Parker. But, actually, because of Kelly Stables, Olivia is my favorite Parker. But Matthew still has a special place in my heart. Zach Callison is quite a good actor considering he's only in his early teens. I've enjoyed his performance in all the episodes he's in, possibly with the exception of 'The Mystery of the Clock Tower'. Matthew really bugged me in that one. In Something Old, Something New, Matthew shines. He and Emily are a good pair, and he's given good lines, though he doesn't play a huge part. Overall, Matthew is a good addition to the Parker family, though he may not be the best.


     Camilla Parker: The AIO writers seem to have forgotten about Camilla. The only two episodes where she has really been a major character are 'For the Birds' and 'Forgiving... More or Less'. I'm afraid that she might fade out, considering she was only in two episodes in Album 52 (An Agreeable Nanny, Grandma's Christmas Visit) and only in one in Album 54. (Forging... More or Less) Once again, AIO found a talented young actress when they found Sydney Shiotoni. (Or however you spell it!) She has that kid-like quality that we've been missing for the past five years. In episodes like 'An Agreeable Nanny', the acting by Sydney was good, but she wasn't given good enough lines. For the Birds was the best Camilla episode. Watching her go through getting a bird and watching it die was interesting. Camilla might be a better character if she was in more episodes. But still, I enjoy her character, though it is still delicate and undeveloped.


     Emily Jones: Okay, okay. It's time for Emily's review. Oh boy. Some of you Soda Shoppers might know that Emily is not my favorite character. I am going to quote the SS user Pound Foolish to show a different angle than mine:

"I'm a bit sad as I find that so many AIO Soda Shop Board Members look down on Emily. She is charming and wonderful. The very things so many despise about her are the things that make her amazing: her passion, her boldness, her incredible natural talent for knowledge and deduction, her forcefulness, yes, even her rudeness. Can we frown on her for being unusually naturally talented? Would you slap Mozart on the wrist and say it's ridiculous to be composing music as a little child? Emily is all that a woman should be, and possibly the best role-model of all the female characters in the show today. YES, she is forceful. YES, she outspoken. YES, she speaks her mind. And that is what a female should be. Women need to know that there's a power in them, that they can speak out, that they can be whoever they want to be. Emily is the best of the new child characters, and will always have a special place in my heart. I cannot say it passionately enough. Thank you, AIO, for Emily Jones."

     Sorry Pound, but I think your hearing aid needs to be adjusted. (No offense, if you're reading this! :) Emily is by no means the best of the new child characters; that honor would be reserved for another. But we'll get to that later. And I wouldn't call Emily 'naturally talented'. Having a small sense of deduction does not mean you are at the same level as Mozart. And in episodes like 'Game For A Mystery' and 'Stage Fright', she almost seems to just stumble upon the solution without doing a whole lot to solve the case. And she even got the wrong culprit in 'The Malted Milkball Falcon'. For someone who's a naturally talented detective, that's bad. (But maybe you weren't referring to Emily's so-called 'skills' as a detective, Pound Foolish. If you weren't, and you're reading this, comment!) And you said that Emily was rude, so how does that make her the best role-model? But this is turning into a review of PF's comment. Let's get to Emily's character.
     Emily is very complex. She is stubborn, bossy, ambitious, perceptive, helpful, and a normal girl all at the same time. I like that AIO has an incredibly complex character, and I like that we get to see a lot of different sides of Emily. But her voice is rather annoying, and all that complexity gets to be too much. And so, Emily is my least favorite AIO kid character, though she's not too horrible.


     Barret Jones: Barret is better than Emily. He's musically gifted, he's easily frightened, he's a good friend, and, to top it all off, he's played by a talented actor and his voice isn't annoying! When Barret first came, he seemed like Olivia: an annoying, obsessed, pre-teen boy. But he's changed a little since then. He's become more caring, more complex, and more likeable and relateable. When Andy Pessoa's voice changed, I thought Barret had switched actors. It sounded totally different, and better. And though he was annoying in Opposite Day, he was hilarious, even if we were laughing at him. But, as I said in my review of 'Seeing Red', having us laugh at main characters doesn't exactly make them likeable. But still, I enjoyed Barret in Opposite Day. When Album 54 came around, I really started to enjoy Barret, particularly in 'The Amazing Loser' and 'Unbecoming Jay'. 'To Mend or Repair' showed him being a good friend. I enjoyed Barret particularly in that episode. He really shined. And so, while Barret may not be the best new kid, he still has a place in my list of good AIO kids.


     Priscilla Peterson: Priscilla started off as a random girl who Barret had a crush on. However, she soon evolved into quite a character. We saw her next in 'Stage Fright', where she wasn't too major of a character. I was bugged by Priscilla in her early days. In fact, you'll notice that I was bugged by almost every new AIO kid in the early days. But once again, in Album 54, Priscilla improved. The actress seemed more into the part, and she was put in some interesting situations. In 'To Mend or Repair', Gatlin Green's voice changed. I don't know how old she is, but I'm guessing about 14, 15, 16, around that age. She sounded quite old and mature in 'To Mend or Repair'. And that's not a bad thing. I hope we hear more from Priscilla in days to come, as she has turned into a good foil for Barret and a good girl character for the show.


     Jay Smouse: Jay Smouse is the best new Odyssey kid. Period. Exclamation mark! He's the last kid I'll be reviewing. That's right, I save the best for last. Jay started out as being Vance King's annoying buddy. (Wow, all of these characters were annoying in the beginning!) He evolved into a bully of sorts. He seemed to be an annoying little boy at times. But in Album 53, Jay had some of his best moments. He was funny, caring, and mischievous. I love his relationship with his uncle, and I really, really hope we see some more interaction with Wally. This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I think he's one of the best AIO kids of all time. He's half bully, half nice guy. He has emotional edge, and he's given good, funny lines. Whit Hertford does a terrific job, and I can't think of any better AIO bully. 'Mistaken For Good', believe it or not, was my favorite episode of Album 55. I voted it Best Episode in The Avery Awards. It's probably the most underrated episode ever. I absolutely love it! I would list it in my Top Ten Best AIO Episodes Ever. It's emotional, funny, and some scenes can really make you cry. (I didn't cry, but I probably could've if I was in the right mood.) Jay is a golden nugget of a kid in the midst of bullies like Vance. I love him, and so do the fans. Thank you AIO, for Jay Smouse. (Yep, that was a Pound Foolish quote.)

     Did you like the article? Then comment! Seriously, I don't ask you to comment for nothing. I'd really like you to comment once you're done reading this so I can know you read it! And look for the U.S.S. Response sometime soon!
     Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 9, 2012

AIO News 7/9/12

     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from many different places, including Me 4 the King, Twists and Turns, and the repack site.
     First of all, I have been interviewed! A couple days ago, Hannah J., an SS user, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to interview. Of course I said yes, and the rest is history! It's a great interview with great questions, so make sure you check it out! Here's the link:
Me 4 the King Interview
     Thank you, Hannah J.! And, in other news, Album 7: On Thin Ice is being repackaged. As many of you know, in 2007, AIO decided to do an epic repackage of Albums 1 - 46. They have done nearly all of them, but Album 7 next. Here's a picture of what these new repackage will look like:

     Also, information on the new audio adventure Edwin and the Orbs, starring David Griffin, sound-designed by Kevin McCreary, and music by Garret Vandenburg has been released. It will be an adventure series involving Edwin and Orbs. More information on Twists and Turns and Edwin and the Orbs.com. Well, that's it for tonight. I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO news!
     And I'll see you next time on the USS Response. That may sound weird, but in a couple days, you'll understand. It's a new page and I'm not giving anything else away!
     Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Feature 7/8/12

     Alright. The new AIC is up. Check it out on the Adventures in Connellsville page. And now, for this week's feature The Top 5 Worst AIO Albums of All Time!

#5: Album 30: Through Thick and Thin - Hmm... It's not much of a surprise that this one got in the list. It's not that there are any particularly horrific episodes, it's just that all the episodes (with the exception of Tornado!) are boring mediocre, and stories that we've already heard. And for that, Through Thick and Thin deserves #5. But it's not quite as bad as...

#4: Album 34: In Your Wildest Dreams - Oh yeah... Everyone knows this one, and everyone hates it. Personally I don't hate a lot of episodes on here, but because of the additions of Sunset Bowlwater, A Long Way Home, A Lyin Tale, Bethany's Flood, Idol Minds, A Matter of Manners, and The Seven Deadly Dwarves, this turned into a bad album. If they had just had episodes like No Boundaries, I Slap Floor, Mandy's Debut, and Passages throughout the album, it would have been a lot stronger. But because of those, it didn't lose to...


#3: Album 4: FUN-Damentels - You wouldn't think of putting this one on your Top 5 Worst AIO Albums of All Time list, but I decided to anyway, for the sole reason that not a single episode on here was truly good. Most of the episodes were below average, and a few of them were pretty bad. A couple episodes (By Faith, Noah, Let This Mind Be In You) were average, but, overall, the album was truly disappointing. But what's worse is...


#2: Album 1: The Adventure Begins - Aah! I hate doing this. Album 1, as I said in my article 'The Early Classics' represents classic Odyssey. But classics aren't always the best episodes. True, the characters are great in here, but the plots for some of the episodes are just plain awful! (Life of the Party, The Day After Christmas, Nothing to Fear, A Change of Hart) Literally, the only episode that I truly enjoyed was Recollections. The rest of them (even Connie Comes to Town) were all just plain bad. Also, (This was mentioned on BBP as well) the kids say 'stupid' and 'shut up' more than they have to. Odyssey was never like that. But still, this horrifically classic album didn't beat #1. #1 is...


#1: Album 52: Cause and Effect - Yes. A very recent, post-hiatus album. I'm sorry, Odyssey. But this album was really, really bad. Even The Mystery of the Clock-tower had plot holes. And the characters! We're just warming up to these new kids! You shouldn't make them annoying. In episodes like Wooton's Broken Pencil Show, Stage Fright, Fast As I Can, Opposite Day, An Agreeable Nanny, The Malted Milk-ball Falcon, and Grandma's Christmas Visit the characters got on my nerves a lot. I didn't want to keep listening. And even the plots for several episodes were used, boring, or just plain bad. (Wooton's Broken Pencil Show, Opposite Day, Square One, An Agreeable Nanny, Grandma's Christmas Visit) This album absolutely disappointed me, and I thought Odyssey would go down the tubes.

     Sorry if that horrible critique of the best radio drama ever was too horrible for you. I thought, since I had made a best list, I should make a worst list. But if you did like the feature, comment! And be sure to check out Installment 2 of Adventures in Connellville! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Review: The Mailman Cometh 7/7/12

     Today I will be reviewing The Mailman Cometh...

      Torry Martin is unlike most AIO writers, in that he takes a silly, unrealistic approach to writing Odyssey episodes. He is favored by fans because he knows how to use Wooton: not as a starring role, but as a secondary clown who has a heart and a head. Martin exhibited this use of Wooton in The Popsicle Kid and Bassett Hounds. Wooton does not seem to be as spiritual and as fatherly here as he is in other episodes, but I don't mind that. Wooton didn't play Marvin and Tamika's parent or conscience in this episode. Instead he played the role of unintentional tattletale, informing Elaine of the trouble her kids are getting into without realizing it.
     But Wooton isn't the real star of the episode. Actually, to me, the star of the show is Xavier. He's the reason Marvin and Tamika are getting into trouble, and his older brother role is played well.
Marvin and Tamika are getting a bit annoying at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were identical twins. They just sound too similar. But once Kendre Berry came in the scene and Courtney Brown's voice changed everything was great. I did enjoy the 'coffee scene', but the lawnmower scene had a little too much screaming, as did the movie scene.
     The opening scene is set in a carnival. This seemed a bit random considering the rest of the episode, but Wooton and his weight-guessing was a source of much hilarity. I love this line:
Wooton: Hey miss, do you want me to guess your hair's natural color?
Though he wasn't the star, Wooton absolutely shined in this episode. He wasn't overused and he was given hilarious lines. I only wish the 'third Wooton' (See article 'The Three Stages of Wooton on The Odyssey Scoop.) could be this good.
     Anyway, Xavier is drinking coffee and M & T are jealous. They decide to make some... The episode shifts to M & T's hyperactivity. They're painting lots and lots of pictures, much to their Mother's puzzlement. Marvin's line "I can't hold still!" made me laugh out loud.
     This is the part where Wooton is the unintentional tattletale. He returns the coffee creamer that M & T (Yes, I'll be referring to them as M & T from now on.) left on the back porch. Jess Harnell was born to play Wooton, and he showcases his talent particularly well in Torry Martin episodes.
And now, to the movie. Betsy the Bumblebee is back, after a thirteen-year disappearance! On the SS message boards, someone recommended that Betsy have an AIOwiki page. I concur. Once again, there's a funny line here, this time by Marvin. M & T are being sneaky again, and there's a hilarious scene involving raptors, a lady with a creepy voice, and candy grahams. There's a lot of seemingly disturbing violence, (Very realistic, unfortunately!) and M & T are scared out of their socks.
     Oh my gosh, Torry Martin just keeps the funny lines rolling!
Tamika: I just want to be able to see - if I wake up!
     Tamika is scared, and Wooton plays tattletale once again. T & M are grounded.
     I didn't love this next scene. The sound of the lawnmower was blaring, and M & T were screaming. The sound effects were annoying, and there was nothing funny or memorable about this scene, so it wasn't very enjoyable to listen to. But it was part of the plot, and how could they make it quiet? Still, it was probably the worst scene in the episode.
     M, T, & X think that Wooton is playing tattletale when he rings the doorbell, but really he just is giving them tomatoes. This scene teaches a good lesson to learn: With great freedom comes great responsibility. So I enjoyed the moral. It's a good lesson for anyone, young or old, to learn.
Well, we're reaching the end of thus review. Overall, this was a funny, entertaining episode with a good moral, not especially memorable but still a good episode. It's a true crowd-pleaser that can be enjoyed, though maybe not loved, by many.
     The Mailman Cometh Rating: 7/10
     Did you like the review? Comment!!! And be sure to read tomorrow's feature: Top 5 Worst AIO Albums of All Time, as well as the new Adventures in Connellsville! Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 6, 2012

AIO News 7/6/12

     Hello, this is Alex Jefferson reporting at you live on a Fan Fiction Friday from the Campbell County Courthouse. The trial over the disappearance of James Curtis, who disappeared from Hillingdale Haven several years ago, is underway. Curtis had claimed that he would go back to a land called 'Marus' eventually, and local ice cream aficionado John Avery Whittaker is vouching for that story. Skeptics believe that Mister Whittaker stole the body to prove the existence of Marus, who he is also a firm believer in. The debate is very heated and will most likely continue to rage for several weeks. The Old Judge is presiding over the case, and he promises when the mess is cleaned up to give us a full written verdict.
     Also, there are rumors that The Soda Shop Message Board is becoming better than the ToO! Says SS member Swordosauras1508, "Those Town of Odyssey people just don't get it. The Soda Shop is so much better, it's scary. I'd say the best members are me and, uh - what's his name?" More on that as the story unfolds.
     Well, here at the newstation, we're saying good night. We hope you enjoyed this Fan Fiction Friday. And remember, I'm Alex Jefferson, and this is... AIO news!
     Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

AIO Article: Twists and Turns & The Unofficial AIO Blog 7/5/12

     The Old Judge and Wooton Bassett seem to be connected through their websites. They reference each others websites a lot, and they both have The Imagination Station, a very interesting link page. And so I thought it would be fitting to review their websites together, to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of both of their sites. This might be a long post, but bear with me.
     Let's start with their blogs. Both websites have a regularly updated blog. For me, the blog is the best part of Unofficial AIO Blog, but when it comes to TNT, The Courtroom is the best part. This is probably because the TNT blog deals mostly with news, while The UAIOB has interviews and album reviews. There us nothing wrong with this. Actually, I think that TNT is the #1 news provider in the AIO world. They have fascinating posts featuring lots and lots of news. I consider TNT a better source for news that The Odyssey Scoop or The Official Site. But the problem with In Hot Pursuit, TNT's blog, is that it only has news. And while The Old Judge provides news in the absolute best way, I feel like I'm missing a little something.
The UAIOB doesn't provide news as well as TNT does. It has news, but not as much. But UAIOB has Album Reviews, Interviews, and other fun stuff. TNT does have The Courtroom, which, in my opinion, is the most fascinating and entertaining feature on any current AIO website. But we'll get to that later. The point is that, when it comes to the blog, TNT wins for news and UAIOB wins for reviews, interviews, etc. (TNT has none.) And so, the only thing that I think The Old Judge could improve upon when it comes to his blog is reviews, interviews, etc. And the only thing that Wooton could improve upon on his blog is news. But, like I said, TNT has the best news around and UAIOB has the best 'fun stuff' around.
     I also think some of those problems are due to the fact that UAIOB is a blog, so they'll post most of their stuff on their blog, and TNT is a website, so they'll focus more on their features.
That makes a good transition to their features. TNT has Odyssey Actors: Then and Now, Trivia 101, The Courtroom, and The Imagination Station. UAIOB has The Imagination Station and AIO Site Logos. Obviously, TNT has more features. Like I said, TNT is a website and UAIOB is a blog. Odyssey Actors: Then and Now is a unique look at the cast of AIO. Once they get more actors, I think it could be a really great page! Some of the actors have changed a lot (Janet Waldo, Brandon Gilberstadt, Genni Long) so it's very interesting to see their pictures over the years. Other actors (Katie Leigh, Alan Young) haven't changed very much, so the pictures are similar. However, this is just a minor gripe. Overall, Then and Now was a success. Trivia 101, TNT's AIO trivia feature, gives some interesting audience participation, considering that most of the trivia was submitted by TNT fans (I submitted some) via The Soda Shop Message Boards and TNT the website. Other than the audience participation, this page has a lot of trivia we already know. But, there are two things to take into consideration when we whine about this.
     1. The Old Judge didn't come up with most of this trivia, we did.
     2. We are all AIO nerds, so what do we not know about the show?
     And so, because of the great audience participation and those two reasons above, Trivia 101 was also a success, though maybe not as much of one as Then and Now.
     But wait. In my rush to go over the TNT features, I've forgotten about The Unofficial AIO Blog! Never fear! I'll discuss it now.
     The Unofficial AIO Blog has a great feature called AIO Site Logos. Why is it so great? Because, in addition to showcasing all of Wooton's spectacular site logos, it has a quote from me! I love the idea of the quotes, it reminds me of movie previews, but this page just doesn't seem big enough. I understand Wooton has only designed three logos, but I would have enjoyed hearing how he created the logos. That would be the one thing I'd add. Because as far as we know, Wooton is an amazing magician who pulls logos from a hat. I would have enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at the design process. But, oh well. The page is still a success. (Mostly because of the awesome quotes!) but you're probably wondering about The Imagination Station. The IS is an amazing link page that contains links, logos, and descriptions of the best AIO websites. It was The Old Judge's idea, but Wooton made the logo and they teamed up to create, in my opinion, the best AIO link page ever! I love the descriptions and logos of every site! And the IS slogan: "After you push the red button, you never know where the adventure will lead!" is genius. Bravo, Old Judge! Bravo, Wooton! Bravo, Imagination Station! But there's just one thing that bugs me. UAIOB has 19 links on the IS page. TNT only has 15. This isn't a big problem, I just wished both IS's had the same number of links. Other than that, IS is absolutely fabulous!
     And now, the last thing that I will talk about: The Courtroom. The Courtroom is amazing. It's brilliant, and I can't imagine TNT without it. All five cases so far have been extremely enjoyable and fascinating to read, and I can't wait for more. As I said before, The Courtroom is the best feature on any current AIO website. I wish TOJ would post a new case every day, but I know that's not possible. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about The Courtroom. But there are rumors that The Old Judge has run out of ideas! He's calling all of you, the fans, to come up with new ideas. It looks like he's willing to take anything now, so if you have an idea for a Courtroom, send it to The Old Judge via SS so this awesome feature can continue!
Okay. I'm just about done. I think that for features, TNT wins, and for the IS page, UAIOB wins, because it has more links.
     Overall, these two websites are simply fabulous, and I look forward to reading more of their posts. I may have a few negative comments about them, but I still love Twists and Turns and The Unofficial AIO Blog. They are some of the best AIO websites ever.
     Thanks for reading this looong article!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AIO News 7/4/12

If anyone cares, I wrote the second AIC installment last night, so that should be out sooner than expected. And now, for the news...
Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from AIOwiki, where Just Another AIO Blog now has a page of it's own! It is a very comprehensive article about what our site has to offer, so check it out! Thanks to The Old Judge, creator of the popular AIO website Twists and Turns, for creating that. He really did an amazing job explaining what thus site has to offer.
Also, The Odyssey Scoop released some news involving four kids, June 15th, and the Get in the Show! contest. Check that out as well in The Odyssey Scoop.
Happy 4th of July, everyone! And we here at the newstation believe that there's no better way to celebrate this patriotic holiday that listening to The American Revelation, the episode that's airing today.
And, in other news, fans of AIO are throwing temper tantrums about Album 56, saying that 'they can't take the suspense'. This angry mob of fans has barged into Paul McCusker's office, demanding Album 56 spoilers. McCusker refused and the fans are now holding him hostage until he complies with their demands. More on that as the story unfolds.
Well, that's all for tonight. I'm Alex Jefferson, and I'll see you next time on... AIO News!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AIO Aticle: The Ealy Classics 7/3/12

     What was the first Odyssey USA album called? No, not The Adventure Begins. It was called The Early Classics. This is quite an accurate title, considering nearly all the episodes in Album 1 are certified classics. (There are a few exceptions.) But Album 1 isn't the only Album that has 'early classics'. In fact, I've noticed that there are many 'early classics' in Albums 1 -5. Let's take a look at some of those examples...
     Whit's Flop - Who doesn't love this one? Well, actually, me. This is not an especially superb episode, but it was a great beginning. There's a Davey in all of us, the side that considers ourselves total failures. And it was also a great introduction to Whit's End.
     Connie Comes to Town - This is probably the classicest Odyssey episode of all time. (Bizarre superlative, right?) Connie comes, Bible Bowls are key to the plot, (The only other time an actual Bible Bowl was shown was in The Case of the Candid Camera.) and Dave Griffin, for the first (And not the last, hear Coming of Age) time, had a crush on Connie!
     Gifts For Madge and Guy - This marks many milestones for AIO. It's their first sstorytelling episode, their first comedy, and their first holiday episode. Will Ryan and Chris Anthony were great as Madge and Guy. A Christmas classic.
     Family Vacation - This is one of those, as The Official Guide put it, 'fly-on-the-wall' episodes, meaning that people like it because it's so relate-able. But a lot of people like it because it has... The Barcalys! Who can't love them?
     Kid's Radio - This deserves a spot in 'The Early Classics' list because it has Donald Long and Joseph Cammaroto, who are quite a colorful pair, together, and, of course, Kid's Radio! (Wow, five commas is one sentence!)
     The Case of the Secret Room - If you didn't put this episode in your 'Early Classics' list, we wouldn't get along very well. This is AIO's first creepy episode (unless you count Nothing To Fear, which I don't) and it has the famous 'Whittaker whisper'.
     The Shepard and the Giant - This marks the first episode that is devoted entirely to one of Whit's famous inventions, in this case The Environment Enhancer. This was an early model of The Imagination Station, and the way they told the story of David and Goliath was just classic.
     Connie - This episode is classic because, not only does it have Connie, it has Eugene! I think the episode should have been called Eugene and Connie instead of Connie. To me, Eugene is what makes the episode a true classic. But that last scene with Whit and Connie was great.
     By Faith, Noah - This silly Bible story was criticized by parents, but I enjoy it. It's not necessarily the best storytelling episode, but Walker Edminston's portrayal of Noah was classic. Jack and Lucy are becoming quite the pair at this time too.
     The Imagination Station - This episode proves that Whit really is a whiz with the kids. Digger Digwillow is one of my favorite characters, and Dave Arnold was born to play Jesus. Also, it introduces Whit's greatest invention.
     The Nemesis - The last classic has to be a Blackguaard episode. This episode introduces Blackguaard, the Lucy and Richard Maxwell storyline, the Tom Riley's grudge storyline, and it resolves minor things like Connie getting fired from Whit's End.
     Everyone has their favorite AIO moment. Whit's flop being turned into a pizza oven, Whit telling Christmas stories over hot chocolate, the Barcalys climbing in the car to go on vacation, a skeleton jumping out at Whit and Tom, Eugene barging into Whit's End and remarking that the bell that Whit has is not sufficient, or Tom's barn getting burned down. All of these moments are classic Odyssey, and all of them are on this list. Even when you're listening to Novacom or The Green Ring Conspiracy, take some time to listen to the early classics. They're the ones that started it all.
     Did you enjoy the article? Once again, comment! Be sure to read Thursday's article. I'll be reviewing Twists and Turns and The Unofficial AIO Blog in an extra-long article. Thanks for reading!