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Thursday, July 19, 2012

AIO Article: The AIO Conspiracy 7/19/12

Alright, guys. There probably won't be a U.S.S. Response today, but there will be an article. Like I said yesterday, I'm on vacation. And now, for my article: The AIO Conspiracy:

Through careful observation, ace detective Alex Jefferson, er, me, recently discovered that Eugene Meltsner is actually... a robot! You heard that right. Eugene Meltsner is a robot. How did we find this out? Through careful observation, of course! We recently saw Eugene changing his batteries. There are rumors that a weed is spreading this story, but we don't really know. Another 'robot' incident occurred when Odyssey resident Mandy Strausberg told Eugene at a live show, "You know Eugene, if you were any more like a computer, we'd have to check for viruses." We hid a mic in Eugene's house and found out that his wife Katrina in fact DOES check for viruses every night. This is naturally disturbing news, so we've decided to take drastic action. We put a bag over Eugene's head and unplugged him. It was most gruesome. And though the citizens of Odyssey were upset, we still stopped Eugene's nefarious plan to unplug every robot in the universe by unplugging HIM! And so, yet another baffling conspiracy has been solved by - yours truly.

Was my lack of inspiration today noticeable? Was the article too short? Email me at CreativeThinker101@gmail.com, pm me on the SS, or comment on this post to give me your thoughts on the article. Well, that's about all for today. I have a lot of ideas for JAAIOB bouncing around in my head, but I'm saving them until I get back from vacation.
Thanks for reading!

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