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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Feature 6/24/12

For this Feature,  I will be listing what, in my opinion, are the Top 5 Best AIO Albums of all time. And, you'll finally find out when the big surprise will come...

#5: The Deep End - Yes, you read right. A post-hiatus album actually got into this list! Can you believe it? I know how much everyone hates post-hiatus albums, and how Emily is so annoying, and how they brought in new writers, and how Andre Stoijka doesn't sound like Whit at all. There was a time when I agreed with you. But now, having listened to Album 55, I can appreciate Album 54, 53, 52, and 51 a lot more. And from the exciting espionage and intrigue of The Labyrinth, to the historical-driven epic Sergent York, and all the way to the comedic hilarity of the return of a loved character, Something Old, Something New, Album 55 truly deserves #5 Album of all time. It is hands down the best post-hiatus album. But it's still not as good as...

#4: Battle Lines - Yes!, you're thinking. He put an epic action-adventure album in the Top 5! But it's really not because of the dramatic explosions and creepy phone calls that this album got in this list. It's because of the excitement, intrigue, and emotion of the epic finale of the Novacom Saga. They could have left out the tower explosion, (though it was vital to the plot) and I would have still put it on this list. Because, you see, it's not action or intensity that always counts. (Though I love it when Odyssey gets a little intense!) It's heart. But though Battle Lines is good, the album that beat it is...

#3: Other Times, Other Places - I love the early days of Odyssey. Albums 1 - 15, The Gold Audio Series, are some of the best albums. And honestly, Other Times, Other Places represents the best of The Gold Audio Series. It has slice-of-life, action-adventure, biblical episodes, and strange dreams by Jimmy Barcaly. All of the episodes are good, and some of them are really, really great. And so, Album 10 deserves a spot as #3. But what deserves #2? Could it be...

#2: Darkness Before Dawn - Oh, yes. You heard right. Against all odds, Darkness Before Dawn is not named #1, and you'll never visit this website again and leave a bunch of comments asking what my problem is. You don't even need a reason for Darkness Before Dawn getting #2. It's just a terrific album. And to make it interesting, they even threw in a slice-of-life show, A Little Credit, Please! Need I say more? And what's #1, you ask? #1 is...

#1: The Best Small Town - I know, I know, some people don't like this album. And this is just my opinion. I think that The Best Small Town has something that no other albums have. It has episodes that really flow together, if you know what I mean. If one episode in The Best Small Town were left out, none of the others would make sense. But, that also applies to Darkness Before Dawn and even Battle Lines. So why didn't Darkness Before Dawn get first? Because, Darkness Before Dawn may have one normal show, but it's not an especially terrific one. Don't get me wrong, I really like A Little Credit, Please, it's just that Album 50 has good old, classic Odyssey. Darkness Before Dawn is hands down the best action-adventure album, but The Best Small Town is the best album. After all, it's a celebration of everyone's favorite town. There's something nostalgic about the last scene in The Forgotten Deed. And while no one else may agree with me, you can't deny that this is a really great album. You just can't deny it.

     Thank you. Are you surprised? Write a comment saying you are. But if you knew all along what #1 was, drop a comment about that too.
     And didn't I mention something about the big surprise? Oh, yes. The big surprise is coming in three parts, the first two tiny, the last one big. You already got the first part: the new logo. The next part of this mysterious addition, which is bigger than the logo but not as big as the last surprise, will come on Wednesday. And finally, the biggest part of this renovation will come on Sunday. Are you excited yet?
     When I post next feature, the surprise will be up. By the way, I'm doing an interview next feature. I'm not telling you who I'm interviewing, so you'll just have to wait till Sunday. My, Sunday is going to be a big day for this blog! Thanks for reading!

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