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Thursday, June 21, 2012

AIO Article: The Future of Odyssey 6/21/12

I believe that ever since the show began, fans have been speculating on what will happen in AIO's future. It's a natural thing to wonder what will happen next for TV Shows/Audio Dramas, but fans of AIO have taken it to a whole new level. They publish entire articles on what could happen next for AIO on their blogs. So I decided to join in the fun and write an article about the future of AIO, what with the exciting Album 56 coming up soon.  I have a couple of predictions (I'm not saying they'll come true) on what will happen in the world's #1 radio drama. Here they are:

Prediction 1: (I'm not putting these predictions in any particular order, by the way) Wooton and Penny will... not get married. At least not in the near future. Because, just as the writers said that having children would change Eugene's character too much, being married would change Wooton's character too much. I'm not saying they're never getting married, but I highly doubt that the writers are planning for the season opener of Album 56 to be a big wedding bash with Wooton and Penny right after everyone thought that Connie was getting married to Wooton, and Mitch was getting married to Maureen. (Or is it Jessica Brown?) That would be a lot of marriages in the space of about two episodes. But, as always, I'll probably be wrong and Wooton and Penny will get married next episode. We won't find out till the Fall Season begins...

Prediction 2: Jason is settling into Odyssey and going back to being a major character. I'm more confident in this prediction than the last one, to be honest, because there's an episode called Home Again in Album 56 featuring Jason. That could be the season finale, since it looks like The Bible Network will kick off this season. ***SPOILER ALERT*** IF YOU DON"T WANT ALBUM 56 SPOILED FOR YOU, STOP READING AND GO PLAY OUTSIDE NOW!  I also found out on AIOwiki that Joanne Allen is coming with Jason, possibly to come back to Odyssey for good. However, considering the actress who plays Joanne, Janet Waldo, is 88, I'm not sure if she will be staying for good. Jason probably will be, but I'm not sure about Joanne. This could be one of those one-time character appearances with Jimmy, Monty, and Mitch. I'm pretty confident that this prediction will come true, but still, I'm not the one writing the episodes.

Prediction 3: This prediction centers around the episode The Labyrinth, which was featured in Album 55. Dale Jacobs, as Paul McCusker said on The Official Podcast if you guys heard that, will be featured in future episodes. There might even be a storyline with him! But what about Sue? Paul McCusker admitted on the same podcast that he would love to have Sue return, but I'm not sure if it'll happen. Remember Amy and Josh from Best Laid Plans? Remember Austin O'Connor from The Popsicle Kid? They both seemed like they could become regulars on the show, but if you look it up on AIOwiki, they both were only featured in one episode. Also, Amy, Josh, and Austin were in Odyssey. Sue is an ocean and several states away from Odyssey! That's not to say that the Odyssey team could find a way to get her to Odyssey, but it would seem unrealistic for an unknown little girl from England to just show up in America saying she worked on a top secret mission with a man who would probably be living a normal life. She may show up in other foreign places, but I doubt she will come to Odyssey. However, Georgina Dolenz, the actress who plays Sue, will be in future episodes as characters with American accents. This prediction will probably come true, but who knows? Sue could pop up somewhere again. This is Adventures in Odyssey after all!

Prediction 4: Everyone (Or I think everyone knows this) knows that Connie and Mitch will not be getting married, but does that mean that Mitch won't come back? Actually, yes, I think it does. Even Kathy Buchanan, via The Official Podcast, sort of said that Mitch wouldn't be coming back after Something Old, Something New. But we have to remember, this is Kathy Buchanan we're talking about. Kathy Buchanan, the one who said Mitch wouldn't come back unless Ronald McDonald became a vegetarian, cats went extinct, and Nathan Hoobler painted his nails. Though the last one might have happened, as far as we know, the other two hadn't. So who knows? Maybe Mitch will come back with Maureen and their kids someday.

Prediction 5: People are saying that Eugene and Katrina should adopt children. Someone even said an Ashanti child. And, I don't mean to spoil anyone's hopes and dreams, but I'm not really sure that's gonna happen. People don't realize how difficult it is to adopt a child. It costs a lot of money, and if the child has been abused or neglected, I've heard it's hard to make them trust you. You can't just simply call the Zaire Adoption Facility and order a child, and then it will arrive at your front door. It's a lot more complicated than anyone (which includes me) knows. It's not a closed issue, but it's doubtful. I think To Mend or Repair was the producer's way of saying, 'Eugen and Katrina aren't having kids. Get over it.' It's still possible, but rather unlikely.

So, those are my predictions. Are you upset with me now? If you are, you can post a comment saying I'm a horrible prophet. Don't worry, I won't be offended. I know my predictions are probably not what you wanted to hear, but some of them won't come true, you can almost guarantee it. To change the subject, I'm gonna try to start finding people to interview by email. I'm hoping to get some people who have AIO websites. That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the article. Thanks for reading!

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