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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AIO Article: The Virtual Kids 6/26/12

     In the episode The Virtual Kid, Alex Jefferson has a website about Whit's End. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Of course not. But Alex takes it to the extreme. constantly updating and posting on his site, ignoring his friends and never visiting Whit's End.
     This episode aired 13 years ago, when AIOHQ had recently become the first AIO fan-site. (As far as I know.) There was no Odyssey Scoop, there was no AIOwiki, there was no Just Another AIO Blog. AIO websites were just getting started. But this episode is a parable of sorts for bloggers like me.
     Alex was so busy blogging, that he never experienced what he was blogging about! This isn't to say that us bloggers never listen to AIO. On the contrary, I listen to AIO quite a bit. But I have noticed a decrease in how much I listen to it when I became involved in the online AIO community and I started a website that I have to post on every day.
     Don't worry, this article is not an announcement that I am ending the website, I just thought this was an issue worth mentioning. I'm not speaking to anyone in particular, I may be the only one who recognizes this. I am acting like Alex. I miss out on socialization with real people, not computers. And I don't listen to AIO as much, because, as Alex said to the news reporter, "The website takes a lot of time."
     Alex had never gone on any of the adventures in The Imagination Station, The Room of Consequence, or The Transmuter, because he was so busy with his website. I just listened to The Virtual Kid before I wrote this article, but that's the first episode I've listened to in quite a while. (I did listen to Hindsight a couple days ago since I was about to review it, but I didn't listen to it for entertainment and life lessons, I listened to it because I felt like I had to, so I don't count that.)
     So you see, I was slightly in the wrong. I did exactly what Alex, the character who was being taught, did. I'm not saying anyone else is doing this, because you might not be. This might just apply to me. But if it does apply to you, consider spending some time in the 'real' AIO world. I think blogging and using message boards is great, but we need to remember why all these blogs and message boards are here in the first place, just as we need to remember why AIO is here in the first place: God. It's all because of God.
     You need to spend time in the 'real' AIO world instead of the virtual one, but also, instead of listening to Odyssey all day, spend some time with God. After all, he's the one who inspired AIO, and the one that gave it all it's success and greatness. The AIO team would be the first to admit that. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, I'm just pointing out something that I noticed in myself.
     Did you enjoy the article? If you did, leave a nice comment. If you didn't, leave a rude comment. (Just Kidding!) Thanks for reading!

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