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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly Feature 6/17/12

Thanks to all of you who read my review of the live show. For this Weekly Feature, I will be interviewing... myself! That's right! In order for you to get to know me and my connection with AIO better, I will be interviewing BWP.

 Alex Jefferson: When did you first start listening to Adventures in Odyssey?

BWP: Well, when I was about 6, we went to Chick-Fil-A when they were giving out AIO CD's. I got a Kids Meal and received the first Odyssey episode I ever heard, Suspicious Finds. I loved it and we started getting Odyssey albums from the library. It was actually a few years before I actually bought my first album, Album 48: Moment of Truth, but when I did, I already knew the show well because of the Odysseys I got at the library.

AJ: Who is your favorite AIO character?

 BWP: I love Bernard, I love Connie, I even love characters like Alex Jefferson and Cryin Bryan Dern. Jack Allen is another particularly good character. I love his clashes with Jason. Those are some of my favorites, but every character on Odyssey is good. My favorite? I don't want to be rude to you Alex, but, as much as I like you, you're not my favorite character. My favorite character is proabably Cryin' Bryan Dern. Corey Burton did a fabulous job with him.

AJ: What is your favorite AIO episode?

BWP: It's probably a tie between The Time Has Come and Plan B: Collision Course. I love the emotion of the Time Has Come and the excitement of Plan B: Collision Course. For comedy though, I think Do or Diet is great. And for sadness, Greater Love wins hands down. A tear rolled down my cheek when I listened to it, and I hardly ever cry during Movies/Radio Dramas.

 AJ: How has AIO changed your life?

BWP: Odyssey has been a major part of me for six years. It's my pastime, one of my connections to God, and overall a major part of my life. I might be a different person if I hadn't gotten that Chick-Fil-A package six years ago.

 AJ: Why did you decide to start an AIO website?

BWP: I've always loved the countless AIO fansites put out by fans, so I thought, why don't I make one? I thought of an idea for a website, and the rest is history.

Be sure to read next weeks Weekly Feature. I will be posting the Top 5 best Odyssey albums of all time! Thanks for reading!