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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AIO News 6/19/12

     I will now continue the reporter format...
     Greetings, everyone, this is Alex Jefferson coming at you live from the World Wide Web. Yesterday, the site which I report from, Just Another AIO Blog, was mentioned on the AIO website Twists and Turns. It's a really great website, so check it out!
     Also, Just Another AIO Blog has a topic on the TOO (Town of Odyssey) with a link to it. People can discuss the site there so check that out! It's in the Whit's End forum. And, in other news, 'The Case of the Disappearing Hortons', a classic mystery involving two old men, a missing family, and a flower child airs today for the first time in two and a half years. It last aired in January 2010. The only other news is that this news broadcast is over. I'm Alex Jefferson, and thank you for tuning in on... AIO News!
     Thanks for reading!

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