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Monday, June 18, 2012

AIO News 6/18/12

     I have decided that in order to make the news a little more interesting, I will be doing it reporter style...
     Greetings, everyone, this is Alex Jefferson coming at you live from Dallas, Texas, where the Adventures in Odyssey live show ended two days ago. Many, many people attended from all over the globe, and Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea from the Official Adventures in Odyssey podcast were there as well as Nathan Hoobler, Paul McCusker, and Dave Arnold. None of them were available for comment because I didn't get to say much to them at the live show.
     Also, Oliver Twist, a new Radio Theatre production, is due this September. That will be a treat for fans of The Skrewtape Letters and other Radio Theatre productions.
     That's about it for the news today. I'm Alex Jefferson, and thank you for tuning in on... AIO News!
     Thanks for reading!

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