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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekly Review: Call Me If You Care 8/11/12

     Sorry there was no post yesterday, but I have a great excuse: no news. Finally, I released the long-awaited return of The U.S.S. Response! Another U.S.S. Response will be put out Monday as well. And now, for my rather short review of Call Me If You Care...

     Nathan Hoobler is great, isn't he? He can take an mildly interesting idea and make it brilliant through good writing and intriguing situations. This is not the most memorable Nathan Hoobler episode, and it's not a standout in Album 43, (probably due to the fact that Sunday Morning Scramble, Stars In Our Eyes, and The Coolest Dog are a whole lot funnier than this one) but I still enjoy it immensly.
    The episode begins with a few lines that make you think this is another one of those "Connie's dad" episodes. I really like Emotional Baggage, Father's Day, and Where Is Thy Sting?, but I was sort of hoping this wouldn't turn into a "Connie''s dad" episode, probably because we haven't had one in so long it would be a little weird.
     I also commend Nathan Hoobler on the "cell phone" mystery idea. AIO has done plenty of mysteries, but most of them don't involve modern technology. But, then again, cell phones aren't exactly 'modern technology'.
     But as the episode progresses, we are introduced to two new, one-time characters: Cindy and William Bancroft. I like these two characters, they're unfortunately a rather realistic depiction of some father-daughter relationships. But I'll get into them later.
     I was surprised by two things at the beginning of this episode: the appearence of Jack and the 'Plan B' feel of this episode. It's not just that there's Plan B music after every scene, but Jack was in Plan B, and in this, and some of the lines just seemed reminiscent of Plan B. As some of you know, the Plan B series are one of my all-time favorite episode, so I actually get excited when they use Plan B music and themes. But that was just something I noticed.
     To be honest, Jack's appearance seemed forced, considering he had about five lines. I don't really understand the point of having him drop in, except to find the note. But, oh well.
     When Connie and Whit finally arrived at the Military hospital and met William, I thought William actually sounded a lot like Lester from No Way Out. But, after looking it up on AIOwiki, I figured out that it wasn't the same actor. The scene with Cindy and William seemed a little corny and sentimental, but AIO pulled it off as best as they could. The note, on the other hand, was a very good device to tell the story, and even I was touched by the end.
     And then, at the very end of the episode, Connie's dad is mentioned again. That was a good way to tie up the beginning and end, and I felt satisfied when the episode concluded.
     Overall, great job Nathan Hoobler! This one wasn't perfect, but I give points for good writing and originality!

     Call Me If You Care Rating: 8/10

     Sorry the review is short, but I'm kind of anxiously waiting to review Album 56, so I'm writing short reviews. But only a couple more weeks till The Perfect Church airs! I'm so excited to listen to it and review it! But until then, I'm gone! There's going to be a really great interview tommrow for a feature, and not just from me! The Old Judge is interviewing Christian A.!
     Thanks for reading!

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