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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Feature 8/5/12

     Sorry this post was so long in the making, but I couldn't think of a feature because my interview isn't here yet. But just a few minutes ago, an idea popped into my head. I could do another list! (I know, I've done a lot, but I kind of like these things!) So here, in my own words, are the The Top 5 Best AIO Podcasts of all time! Also, don't forget to check out the new AIC!

The Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Podcast       #5: The Unofficial AIO Podcast: Ah yes, the original fan podcast. The one that started it all. This is by no means the best Odyssey podcast, for various reasons including how old it is and the length of some of the podcasts, but it's still very good and it definitely deserves the #5 spot. Chris and Sarah did a good job on UAIOP and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we miss them. But this awesome podcast still couldn't beat...Audio Theatre Central
     #4: Audio Theatre Central: Yes, I am aware that some fans don't consider this an Odyssey podcast because it focuses on other audio dramas like Jonathan Park, Radio Theatre, and Lamplighter Theatre, but considering it gives news and reviews of AIO, I consider it a part of the AIO podcast world. I discovered it very recently and have fallen in love with it. These three are so funny and great together, you can't help but love their podcast. And their insightful thoughts on episodes are always enjoyable to listen to, and their love of radio drama is apparent in every episode. This podcast is not perfect, but it's entertaining and a great listen. But what beat ATC?
     #3: The Boredom Buster Podcast: BBP is a perfect example of an overnight sensation that became a sensation because of great episodes and a great interview! Even though it's relatively new to the podcast market, BBP still absolutely deserves a spot on this list. As I said in an earlier article,. I didn't love the first episode, but the next several episodes made up for it. I love their interview with Jave Griffin, as well as their reviews of A Member of the Family, Recollections, and all the others they've reviewed! I can't wait for them to start reviewing Album 2. If you're reading this Noah and Hallie, keep up the good work!

 Picture#2: The Ceiling Fan Podcast: Hmm... I've always enjoyed TCF. It's one of the longest running AIO podcasts, and it's also the most unique. Ethan Daniels and his antics have entertained fans for years, and I hope they continue to entertain fans for years to come. I am eagerly awaiting the special podcast coming out soon, and I would call myself a 'Fan of the Fan'. However, this podcast has gotten so unrelated to Odyssey that I'm not sure I would call it an Odyssey podcast anymore. So, #1 is...

     #1: The AIO Blogcast: Some of you on CC may already know that this is my favorite podcast. But I decided to say it again here. Austin and Natasha have done an absolutely SPECTACULAR job with their blog/podcast. I especially love their audio dramas. What other AIO podcast would've thought of doing that? Austin and Natasha are amazing, but there are rumors that the AIO Blogcast is ending. (Sob, sob) Even if it does end, it had a very good run, and I will enjoy it for as long as I'm an Odyssey fan.

     Alright, that's um, it. Once again, sorry I posted so late. I'm not positive that I'll even post news tommorow. I know this is sad that JAAIOB is coming out of its golden age, but I warned you last post. I'm not ending this blog, but once again, expect less posts. And don't forget to check out Installment 6 of AIC! As I said before, no AIC next week as it's going on a week-long mid-story break.
     Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for mentioning ATC on your blog. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the podcast.


  2. You're welcome! It was actually quite a close race between ATC and BBP for 3rd. Keep up the good work with your podcast, and thanks for reading my blog!

  3. I have to disagree with you about The Unofficial Podcast. I would have rated them first, and by far. Maybe the other podcasts have better features and editing and sound, but the chemistry between Chris and Sarah was priceless. And they were both longstanding fans who had an amazing knowledge of the shows that they could draw upon at a moment's notice. Not only that, but they had some of the best interviews in podcast history! Have you ever listened to their interviews with Genny Long or Paul McCusker or Katie Leigh? Or what about their episodes about their experiences at the Live show in 2008?

    Everything about their podcast was perfect, in my opinion. I don't think any podcast could beat theirs. I was so sad to see them go.

  4. I accept your opinion, Christian, but I still haven't changed my views. UAIOP is definitely a great podcast, and I'll give it credit for being the first of its kind, but I wouldn't call it the best. For one thing, it doesn't really have anything that you can't find on The AIO Blogcast or BBP. I know what you're going to say, there was nothing like what Chris and Sarah did in 2007. Bur there is now, and the podcasts that resemble Chris and Sarah's, are frankly better done. I will say that I think back then, Chris and Sarah were doing something unique and amazing, but now that there are other, in many ways better, AIO podcasts out there, I can't give Chris and Sarah first. You see, this list is not for the best podcast of its time, it's for the best podcast NOW. Their interviews weren't really all that much better than BBP's Interview with David Griffin, or The AIO Blogcast's Interview with Bren McFarlond. And, honestly their podcasts went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long at times. But there is one thing I agree with you on: their podcasts about their experiences at the live show. I loved those, but there not enough to get UAIOP 1st. I still think it's a great podcast, but I couldn't give it first. Once again, I respect your opinion and understand it, and I thank you very much for the long comment!