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Friday, August 17, 2012

AIO News 8/17/12

     You guys thought I wasn't posting toady, didn't you? Sorry it's so late, but I had to do school and then I focused on a creative writing project I wanted to do, so you could say I forgot about blogging almost entirely. But, there's actually quite a bit of news, so sit back and listen to... AIO News!
     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting at you live from The AIO Flash Drive, where new flash drives are available for prices ranging from $41 - a whopping $1000! (That's the entire AIO series) These actually sound like great bargains for any AIO fan, so I suggest you check these out. These flash drives will include AIO episodes for any diehard fan.
     I know I don't report unofficial news very often, but TCF has been on such a long hiatus I figured this was pretty earth-shattering in the AIO world. The Ceiling Fan Live Show is finally out! I was eagerly awaiting it for months, like everyone else, and I will watch it tomorrow! That's right, it's a video podcast!
     And, in other news, I just found out about two new AIO blogs that had been floating right under my nose. Thanks to Freddy Jay from CCC for posting about those! Here are the links to these two new blogs: (WARNING: BOTH BLOGS HAVE REVIEWS OF ALBUM 56 AND SPOILERS!)

http://taiodn.blogspot.ca/ and http://aiothoughts.blogspot.com/

     Well, that's about it. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and this is... AIO News!
     Thanks for reading!

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