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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Review: For Three Dollars More 10/27/12

     I will be writing Installment 10 today, as well as (finally) releasing the links page. But for now, here's my review of For Three Dollars More...

     Dave of Dave's AIO Blog once said, "I think by the end of this album (Album 56) I'll be quite machined-out. The IS and ROC are best used occasionally, and having around five episodes (three with the IS and two with the ROC) featuring these inventions will probably be too much, especially since recently taking trips in Whit's inventions has become a somewhat rare occurrence in comparison with when these inventions were newer."
      I'm not sure if I completely agree with this statement, or that I completely disagree with it. I just thought I'd start with it. I will say that having the first four episodes in an album be machine-related was not the smartest idea, but AIO still made these episodes interesting enough for me to not be too "machined out" by this fourth episode. I also think this episode exceeded "Great Expectations" (I'm sure Ben Warren would disagree. ;)) and came close to the greatness of "The Perfect Church".
     The episode begins with Matthew and Connie. Matthew has become the standard AIO kid, as Jimmy, Sam Johnson, and Mandy Strausberg were before him. He's appeared in 38 episodes, and while his siblings seem to be fading away, he and Jay are only getting more popular. And I like him. He has a sense of humor not seen in previous Odyssey kids, and his personality is likeable and energetic. He rivals Jay for best kid character, and his sense of humor shined in this episode.
     Barret walks in (with a seaseme seed stuck in his teeth) and explains his moral dilemma. I didn't realize that the Get in the Show! scene would actually be taking place in an episode, and I couldn't help but think of the kids when Barret was talking. And I have to say, some of the kids did it better than him! (And some, not so much...) I couldn't exactly sympathize with Barret's situation, but I was interested.
     Matthew's adventure was overall rather predictable. I knew almost exactly what would happen a couple minutes before it happened. But I suppose the point of his adventure wasn't to be shocking and unpredictable, the point was - wait, what was the point? After all, there was really no need to have two adventures that basically communicated the same thing. Connie's adventure was funnier and more interesting, so I felt they could have removed Matthew's and the episode would have had the same effect. And so, having three adventures came off as a filler, as if AIO didn't know what to do in the first half of the episode, so they concocted two unrealistic yet funny stories. But, considering neither of these adventures taught anything worthwhile, I thought one of them could have been omitted. But, oh well. They were still funny.
     Connie gives Barret the trip of his life! This line = priceless epicness-

     Robber: If only someone had given three more dollars! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

     I was literally laughing about that for five minutes afterwards! And I love that Brandon Gilberstadt is back! I was just listening to a Jared episode (It's All About Me) last night, and I missed him. And though Matthew doesn't have Jared's humor, it was still great to hear Brandon's voice. He did a great job! And though it seemed to take Barret's older brother Jeremey a scene or two to get into the part, (His first scene seemed boring mostly because of his "Where am I? I'm old!" talking to himself bit.) I thought his performance in Whit's adventure was stellar.
     It's interesting that, during Barret's third and final adventure, AIO would take ROC and turn it into more of a movie. I liked the new format, and, though I don't think it should be used too often, it worked well for this episode. I think Whit's version of the adventure made a valid point about tithing, one that should be taken to heart. I'm noticing AIO is experimenting with new morals and themes, instead of going back to lying and salvation, themes that they've done many times before. I admire this and hope it continues for future albums.
     So overall, this was quite a great episode, with a few flaws. I enjoyed almost all of it, and look forward to more episodes like it. We'll just have to see if the remainder of the album lives up to the first four episodes...

     For Three Dollars More Rating: 7.7/10

     Hope you enjoyed that. Thanks for reading!


  1. Great review!

    I think you have a valid point, that the first adventure that Matthew concocted was fairly unnecessary. I would have liked to see more time dedicated to one of the other two adventures, and the first one cut out.

    But it was still a great episode.

  2. I strongly concur about the 1st adventure. I found it rather unnecessary for two filler stories to be told BEFORE the main adventure...But, Then again, Matthew was the first one to have his hand at programming the ROC. If they had changed the story line a little, Perhaps, It would have made the entire episode less frantic. You know what I mean? Otherwise, It was a pretty good episode...I cannot honestly tell you that I understand EVERYTHING about what berret said, But, I can somewhat feel for him. I have always understood the importance of why adults and children alike should tithe. But, I have also went to buy something and, Because of tithe and offering on Sunday, Be just a few dollars short of the item I had been saving for. So, It really depends on the person listening what side message they get from the story.
    Either way, I still enjoyed it. Just as I always do ;)
    Perhaps you'll be seeing me on my own site soon...
    I'm in the process of creating one, Not sure what I'll call it though, Any thoughts?
    Sam ;)
    P.s. Thanks for the welcome, I will be checking back in soon.

  3. I thank you both! I look forward to reading your review, Christian! :D

    And I would love to see you create a website, Sam! If you have an account on an AIO message board, you can pm me about it, or you can just comment here or on the Scoop. For a name, it would depend on what kind of website you are making. (News site, podcast, review, information, etc.) I love checking out new AIO sites, so I would be thrilled if you created one!

    1. Well, I hoping to be the first person to ever include a bit of EVERYTHING on one site. Basically a blog with the works ;) haha. Oh, And, I'm not aloud to get an account on the message sites until I'm older...(Parent reasons ;)
      Anywho, I'm working out things with the parents right now, Then, I need to choose which web-creator site I will use. The normal things...Then, I will up and running... So to speak...(Actually, I'll most likely be sitting, Which, completely contradicts my previous statement...Okay, Scratch that... Forget my oxymoronic ways ;) hahaha...
      Yeah, I have ALOT of great ideas...But, It probably will be a couple of months before it's officially up.
      Tell you what, If you help me in the next few months with ideas and other things, You'll be the first to know when it's up...That, And I'll send readers your way ;)
      Deal? :D
      Sam ;)
      P.s. I have been reading some of your other reviews and posts and they are REALLY good ;)

    2. P.p.s.
      It is an AIO site, I wasn't sure if you got that from my other comments...I forgot to say it ;)
      So, Pardon my mistake...And, Thank you for the help! ;)
      Sam ;)

  4. I loved For three dollars more! It was hilarious! "I'm gonna make an adventure that will really stand out." She sure did!

  5. Alright Sam, I'll try to help you as best as I can. The possibility of another AIO blog, the prospect of new readers, and your delightful wink smileys have pulled me in. ;) Should we communicate through comments on here or by some other means?

    And I would agree with you, "Anonymous", it was quite a funny episode.

    1. Thank you ;)
      And, As a girl with no physical ability to wink WHAT-SO-EVER...I tend to use the ;) emoticon often!
      I'm on here, The OS, And, A couple of others on occation.So, Either one is fine. Just, No email yet. Not until I can create one specifically for the site. I don't give out my personal email...you understand ;)
      Anyways, I'll start preperations soon. And, It should be up sometime late2012/early2013.
      Thanks again ;)
      Your new friend?
      Sam ;)

  6. I do understand. I give out my email because it's not exactly personal, I use it for web matters and when I sign up for any site.

    My suggestion for the site is to do something no one has ever done before. You can't make a successful AIO news site unless it's really unique, for there are already about three AIO news site. You probably shouldn't do an information site, as AIOwiki is really the only site people will ever go to for info about AIO. You could do a reviewing site, but considering there are about four of those already, you couldn't write only reviews. And then there's always what I've done... a combo of all of them, plus some extra features. As you said, a little bit of everything. ;) Well, I do hope it works out!

    Your friend, (as far as online friends go)

    1. I have been thinking about some original things...
      Yes, I'll most likely do reviews...But, As not only a way to send veiwers to your's, W.B's, Christian A's, Ben C's, And possibly others once the site is officially up, But, Give a variety of opinions, I'll (with permission of the writer) Post other sites reviews of the same episode/topic. And, I'm going to write my reviews in a new way...However, That's a secret for now. I've also got a ton of stories and drawings to post. Hmmm...
      I have alot of other ideas, But, Idk, It's gonna take some work. I'll keep you updated...(I have ALOT of work to do... ;)
      haha, until then.
      Later ;)
      Sam ;)
      p.s. I have alot of online friends on the different aio sites, So, I'm pretty used to that. lol ;)

    2. I posted to you...
      down below this.
      Sam ;)

  7. ALEX!!
    Sorry...I'm just a little excited... ;)
    I've figured out what my site is going to focus on!
    My site (Other than a few off-the-wall features) is going to focus primarily on the before and after shots (so to speak) of AIO since the relaunch! I'm going to have this HUGE section called "Blast to the Past" that will have a section with interviews from former odyssey actors/actresses called "Where are they Now?".And, An entire collection of bio's for the characters. A debate section, An "I imagine Odyssey..." section, An art section, Polls, Everything! I have been thinking about this a while! ;)
    It's going to be called:
    The Odyssey Remix
    Oh, And, Can you delete this after you read it? I just don't want anyone copying my ideas...
    Please and thank you! ;)
    Sam ;)

  8. Ah... fascinating. That sounds like a terrific idea! Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I usually spend my free time writing, reading, or listening to music, so I don't get to blogging until weekends like this. I can't wait to see the site! :D

    P.S. You're the only one who can delete the comments you make. There's a button at the bottom of the comment.

    P.S.S. When do you think your blog will be up?

    P.S.S.S. Bye! ;)

    1. Okay...
      A. Thanks! I've be working on it a while...
      B.It's way ok! No big deal ;) And, That's what i like to do in my free time too! that and act. ;)
      C.There is no button... I've looked everywhere :(
      D.Not sure...It may be up by around the first couple months of the year. I'm not sure yet. ;)
      E.Bye! ;)
      F. You like p.s.'s no? lol
      Sam ;)

    2. So, The Bible Network came on Saturday, When is your
      review going to be up?
      Sam ;)