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Monday, November 5, 2012

AIO Article: The Land of the Free 11/5/12

    Sorry this took so long, (I should've had it up 6 days ago) but here's PF's latest edition: (it wouldn't copy, so just click on the link):

The Land of the Free

    Thanks for reading!


  1. Ah, yes! I was wondering when you would show up again!
    I fairly enjoy these, I can't wait to read it!
    Do not have all the time in the world right this minute, However. Check back in later! ;)
    Sam ;)

  2. Alex? The link doesn't work quite like it should.
    It sends me to the Google docs page to LOG IN??
    I cannot log in because I dont have an account.
    So do many of your readers I suspect.
    So, What Now?
    Sam ;)

    1. Well, If running an active and successful AIO site that stays updated almost EVERY week is being lazy, May I join you? jk

      I guess I didn't realize what you meant by permission denied. It just sent me to a log in page. It didn't NOT give me access, It just told me to do something first...
      I guess that's just me being a blond. ;) (Which is funny, Because I have brown hair ;)

      You're Homeschooled? That's awesome! I am too. Which, All things considering, Is the only way I'd have enough time to hopefully run a great AIO site.
      Homeschool co-op's are really great too. I'll be starting back in one next year.

      But, Like I'm trying to say, There's no need to apologize. I completely understand. If you had even a glimpse of my life in the past six months, Believe me, you would know. ;)

      I listened to your first podcast by the way. It was good.
      Apart from a bit of mic trouble...(Or was that intentional?) I thought the skit you did was hilarious. ;)

      Sorry to space each part of the comment out, I just thought it would read easier if I grouped each idea. ;)
      Anyways, I'm gonna go. Oh, And, When is your review for
      The Bible Network suppose to come out?
      Sam ;)

      P.s. Chess club? Hmm, More of a checkers person myself.
      Or maybe that's because I'm still waiting for someone to tell me the concept of "Mister Pointy Head" ;) jk

  3. As I said, I'm aware of that, and I mentioned it in the post. I think I know how to fix it, but I have chess club in about 5 minutes and then a homeschool co-op after that, so I won't be able to fix it until later this evening. I'm sorry, this is just kind of a bad time, I guess. I really should have had it up a week ago, and I apologize to you, PF, and all my readers for that. I guess I'm just lazy. ;)

    1. Hmmm...
      Still getting a log in page.
      Have any suggestions?
      Sam ;)
      p.s. Did you see, I replied to your comment earlier. ;)

    2. To see a Google doc, you have to have a Google account. Now's just as good a time as any!

  4. Hey, great article, PF! Although I am not a Democrat or appreciate all of Obamacare, I can say that it doesn't force Christian doctors to perform abortions, nor force Christian organizations to hand out condoms. Very good points on separation of church and state, as well as on abortion. Listen to It Takes Integrity and Mayor for a Day; those are also good political episodes!

  5. God does answer prayer!
    I don't know if you heard, But, A bus from my friend's school had an accident that wiped the ENTIRE front end off of it.
    I couldn't get ahold of her or her family, And, I was worried sick!
    Mary made it a prayer request on the SS for me.
    Then, Yesterday, I finally made contact to her!
    She wasn't even ON the bus that crashed! She was fine!
    I didn't know whether or not you had seen it, But, Just in case you did I wanted to let you know. ;)
    Bye! ;)
    Sam ;)

  6. Frankly, I'm not getting a sign-in page, even when I'm logged out. So if there are still problems, I don't know how to fix them.

    But that's amazing, Sam! I did not see that on the SS, but I'm thankful your friend is alright. I truthfully can't imagine such a thing happening to anyone I know...

    1. I know what you mean! I wa scared to death!
      I mean, A.For her...She has been having alot of, um...
      "Biblical issues" lately...
      B.Her family and other friends...
      And, C.(A rather selfih reason, I'm afraid)
      Other than my "friends" on the many AIO sites....
      I don't have any real friends...Other than her.
      So, I'd be completely lost. :/
      Anyways, I got the thing to work, Btw. Just now! Haha.
      I think Mary put it in the mini chat that day, Also.
      I've been sketching on my sites ideas and what not for a while now. I've got about three people helping me out now. You, Mary, And Wooton. I hope it turns out well. ;)
      Sam ;)

    2. Hey Alex! It's me, Sam.
      You have a CC account right?
      Can you ask Bren what's up with the SS?
      It's been down for hours! :S
      Thanks! ;)
      Sam ;)