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Monday, October 22, 2012

AIO News 10/22/12

     Well, I officially have over 100 comments on this blog. I thank all of you for responding to my ramblings. Speaking of ramblings, I'm hoping to write some reviews using that site I told you about. I'll keep you posted on that. Anyway, here's the news...

     Hello, I'm Alex Jefferson, reporting live from the Official Site, where there is a new Official Podcast involving last week's episode, Great Expectations. Also, the three finalists for the Get In the Show! contest have been chosen. I won't give them away, but I'll say I was a bit surprised. The reviews of episodes are also flooding in, with three AIO blogs (JAAIOB, The Voice of Odyssey, The Changing Times) reviewing episodes week by week. Other than that, most unofficial blogs are not churning out the number of posts they usually make. This is surprising since the new season just started. Let's hope we get news from TNT, UAIOB, and BBP soon. Well, that's about it. Until next time, I'm Alex Jefferson, and this is... AIO News!
     (P.S. I'm going to start work on a grand article, longer and better than anything I've ever done soon.)
     Thanks for reading!


  1. Really enjoying this site. I don't know why it ONLY has 100 comments...
    Hmmm...Maybe I'll comment as all my alias's and alter ego's (Yes...I MIGHT have multiple personality disorder ;)
    Anywho...Keep up the good work! I'll be checking back in often! If you want to talk i'm always on Odyssey Scoop. Looking forward to the updates! Later! :P :D
    Sam/14 :D

  2. Thank you, Anonymous, er - Sam! :D I always enjoy having new readers, so I'm excited you're here! And I have multiple personality disorder as well. I'm Alex on here, CT101 on message boards, and BWP in real life... I thank you for reading and making a long comment and I hope you enjoy this blog. I shall be releasing my review of For Three Dollars More today and hopefully a Top 5 list as well as an AIC tomorrow. I hope to see you again soon!