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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly Feature 12/2/12

     This isn't really a feature, more like a massive news segment giving a preview of what we'll be doing at JAAIOB for the next couple months in what I would like to call, "JAAIOB'S Big Epic Revival".  I'm actually going to try to get back to blogging at least every other day, so expect more frequent posts. Anyway, here's the news...

     The first big thing I have planned is JAAIOB's 16 Days of Christmas.  On ABC, they have a 25 Days of Christmas thing where they play Christmas movies in stuff, so that's kind of my inspiration.  But this will be much bigger than Christmas movies.  Each day will be a very special post or article involving AIO, God, and the Christmas season in general.  I'll try not to make them all long articles, as that's not what the Christmas season is about, of course.  This will be JAAIOB's biggest event since the "big surprise" a while back.  I am also going to hope to get Wooton Bassett to design a great logo for the event, but no promises.  The event will start on December 9th, so in one week, and it will last till December 24th, where all the stuff we've done for the past 16 days will come together with one epic Christmas finale.  I'm also hoping to get a Christmas podcast during this time as one of the 16 things for this Christmas, so JAAIOP listeners can get excited.

     The next thing I have planned, almost as big as the 16 Days of Christmas, is something similar to the Websters that I like to call The AJ Awards.  (AJ stands for "Alex Jefferson". I know, I'm conceited.)  These will be like the Avery awards, except more in-depth.  I will not have fans vote on these like I do with the Websters, but instead I will choose the awards myself.  The categories will include Best Screenplay: Comedy, Best Screenplay: Drama/Action-Adventure, Best Overall Episode, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress, Best Sound Effects, Best Music, and a few more!  I will hold these soon after Album 56 is done airing, so probably in early January.  I don't want to hold the award ceremony (which will be a little less glamorous than the Websters) during the 16 Days of Christmas, as it doesn't pertain to the Christmas season.  But this will still be a very exciting event for JAAIOB.

     I'm also planning a change in the podcast for Episode 4, after the Christmas Special.  I would like to get actual guests for The AIO Show at least, probably AIO fans at first, but then I might move into AIO cast and crew if the podcast becomes popular.  I'm not planning on releasing Episode 4 till February, so I don't need to start searching for guests for another month or so.

     The U.S.S. Response will be making a return as well in the near future, (probably in either January or February) but it will be different.  I've been thinking of possibly making a CC Response (Campbell County) or maybe even a ToO Response (Town of Odyssey).  However, I can only do all three if I have help with at least one of them.  So if any of you SSers would like to submit an occasional Response, I would love to have your help.  If no one would be willing to do this, I shall not add a CC Response or ToO Response.  However, I would still understand if you couldn't help...

     The Webster Awards will also be making a return pretty soon, probably in April.  I need to get a lot of things organized, and since this ceremony is so far away, I'm not revealing the nominees till January.  I will have a better and more clear voting system this time, and I will try to get more audio speeches.  It will be much bigger and better than last year, so expect the unexpected.

     As a final sidenote, I realize I missed AIO's 25th Anniversary.  But in truth, I didn't.  The "big article" I told you about in an earlier post will be a lengthy celebration of AIO in honor of its 25th Anniversary.  This will be a little late, coming out in January or February, but I have not doubt you will all enjoy it.

     So, for the next week, I'll be preparing for all of these things.  Therefore, you probably won't hear from me again until next Sunday when the epic 16 Days of Christmas starts.  But I felt I should just reveal to you some of my future plans.  Until then, I'm Alex Jefferson, and this is... JAAIOB News!  (JAAIOB News will not be a regular thing, I just had so many plans in the works, I thought I could load them all into one feature.)
     Thanks for reading!



  1. This is AMAZING Alex!! As usual ;)
    I wish I could help, But, Unless I can do it in written form, I cannot. Either way, This is awesome! :D
    ~Sammy14 ;)

  2. You could probably help with The USS Response in written form if you wanted to. Just pm me if you're interested, and if you don't know what The USS Response is, look at the page on this blog! Thanks for reading!

  3. Looks like lots more exciting things are heading toward JAAIOB - looking forward to it, CT!