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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

JAAIOB 16 (Make that 15...) Days of Christmas: A Birthday Cake For Jesus 12/11/12

     I apologize for my negligence in posting yesterday; I realized last night when I was in bed I hadn't blogged, I'm afraid I forgot it.  However, I will be making a 15 Days of Christmas post today...

     My church is doing a special series on Christmas called, interestingly enough: Christmas Is Not Your Birthday.  It's produced some fascinating sermons, and they've been getting me thinking...  Someone should make a birthday cake for Jesus.  And a quick Google search tells me that someone has.  In fact, many people have.  Today I shall be showcasing some actual birthday cakes for Jesus.  There's obviously no need to make a birthday cake for the Lord of all, but it's a gesture that will bring everyone back to what Christmas is really about.  So, without further ado, I shall present the cakes.  (Jesus had better have a pretty big appetite! ;))

          Notes: Though it's not exactly a cake, this one is worth mentioning.  I'm honestly not sure what those blueberries are supposed to be, but the hearts after "Jesus" are very sweet... (No pun intended)


          Notes: This cake is quite amusing...  I wish I could count the candles, but the image is a bit too blurry...

          Notes: Hmm... Another great one.  I notice there appear to be 12 candles.  Does this symbolize anything?  Perhaps the 12 disciples?  If you think so or have another theory, post in the comments. 

          Notes: Very nice...  I notice there's a depiction of Bethlehem at the bottom.  I like that they put the manger.  It reminds everyone instantly of the Christmas Story.

          Notes: This might actually be my favorite of them all.  It shows a Christmas tree to the side and a snowflake above, but baby Jesus in his manger, is, of course, the centerpiece...



          Notes: This is another one of the best.  I like how Jesus is the only thing aside from the star that draws your attention, and the simplicity of the cake is brilliant and touching.



     There are a few more, but you get the idea...  I hope this was a nice, gentle, delicious reminder of what Christmas is really about.  Tomorrow I shall have an AIO Christmas article, to fulfill my promise of giving you AIO-related Christmas posts.
     Thanks for reading!

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