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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekly Feature 9/2/12

     And it's finally here! The Webster ceremony will now be delivered to you in an epic fashion! Also, there will be a new AIC out later today! And now, for the Webster ceremony, I'll turn you over to the host of this event... Alex Jefferson!

     Thanks, Bryce. I'm here at the Webster ceremony, where hundreds - I mean, thousands of AIO fans are here to listen to the brilliant acceptance speeches behind the brilliant AIO fans themselves. Everyone is dressed up for the occasion. Unfortunately, for this event, there will be no red carpet, but we've got a blue carpet. Oh, wait! The ceremony's about to start! I'd better start dishing out awards!

     The first award is Best Feature. The nominees are:

     Adventures in Connellsville (Just Another AIO Blog)

The Imagination Station (TNT and UAIOB)

The U.S.S. Response (Just Another AIO Blog and UAIOB)

The Courtroom (TNT)

Odyssey Addict (The Odyssey Scoop)

The AIO Search Engine (The AIO Blog)

Editorials (The AIO Update)

     And the winner is... Editorials from The AIO Update! David Hilder, why don't you come on up!

     David's acceptance speech:
Thanks so much to the voters! It’s been really fun sharing my thoughts about Odyssey on the internet and getting a response. I’m so glad people are enjoying my editorials and I hope to continue adding to the online discussion on the best radio drama out there, Adventures in Odyssey.
-David Hilder
      He didn't cry! Maybe the next person will... Thank you, David Hilder! Our next award is for Best Post! And the nominees are:

     Best Post Nominees: This category narrows down the best posts of many AIO websites/blogs.

One Month Anniversary!… And I’m Celebrating with Orbs (TNT)

Nothing New, Nothing Old (The Voice of Odyssey)

Weekly Feature 7/1/12 (Interview with Wooton Basset and The Old Judge) (Just Another AIO Blog)

The Top 5 All-Time Best AIO Blogs and Websites (The Unofficial AIO Blog)

Celebrating Ten Year Since Novacom (The Changing Times)
     And the winner is... Celebrating Ten Years Since Novacom! Everyone, give Ben Warren a hand!

     Ben's acceptance speech:

     Interesting. Out of all the "articles" I've written, I'm surprised "10 Years Since Novacom" would be responsible for giving me any sort of accolades. That said, I am honoured to accept this award. The "Changing Times" website has been running for two years now and it's nice to see people have responded well to it. I'd like to thank everyone who voted and Just Another AIO Blog for organizing this poll!
     Thank you very much, Ben! These speeches are quite good. Our next award is for Best Podcast! And the nominees are:
      Best Podcast Nominees: This category picks the best podcast from quite a wide selection.

The Boredom Buster Podcast

The Whit’s End Podcast

The Ceiling Fan Podcast

Abby and Mandie’s AIO Podcast

The AIO Blogcast

The Odyssey ScoopCast
     And the winner is... The Ceiling Fan Podcast! Garret Vandenburg, who plays Intern Aaron and writes episodes as well as composing epic songs, has something to say in audio form! Click the link below to hear his awesome words:
     Isn't he great, folks? Let's all give Garret a hand! No, don't cut off your hand, Bryce! That's not what I meant. Oh, whatever. Our next award is for Best Podcast Episode! And the nominees are...
      Best Podcast Episode Nominees: The Podcast Episode category will choose the best episode out of all the notable recent ones.

BBP Interview with David Griffin Pt. 1 - 4

AIO Blogcast Sibling Spies Audio Drama

The Ceiling Fan Podcast To Survive and Protect

The Odyssey ScoopCast Interview with Kimmy Robertson Pt. 1 - 3
     And the winner is... BBP Interview with Dave Griffin Pt. 1 - 4! Wow, that's a mouthful. Noah, come up here and say something!
     Noah's acceptance speech:
      First I would like to thank creativethinker for having these websters, and letting us be apart of it. It's been hard and a lot of fun making the BBP. And we thank every fan who voted for us. Before we started doing the BBP one of the thing we said we wanted to do was to make a podcast about AIO, and then lead on to interviewing David Giffin. So we where so happy when it finally came, and super amazed when our interview was nomanated for best episode. So where so thankful for the webster and our listerners for voting for us, and were excited for the new season and the new episodes to come. Thank you!.............also my cohost wanted to say, AND IT WAS SUPER AWESOME TO MEET JIMMY BARCLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Thank you so much, Noah! Our next award is for Best MB (Message Board) And the nominees are...
      Best Message Board Nominees: This category will pick the best of the best when it comes to AIO forums.

The Town of Odyssey

Campbell County

The Soda Shop Message Boards

Exclusive AIO Forum
     And the winner is... The Soda Shop Message Boards! We do not have an acceptance speech for this category, but congrats on winning anyway, SS! And, our next award is for Best Website! And the nominees are:
      Best Website Nominees: This category includes the best active AIO websites. No blogs.

The Odyssey Scoop

Twists and Turns

The AIO Update

The Changing Times

     And the winner is... The Odyssey Scoop! I'm afraid Jacob Isom isn't here today, however, so no acceptance speech from him. I know, I know, you're disappointed, but maybe next ceremony! And, the final two categories, Best Blog and Best New Site/Blog/Podcast were won by the same blog, so I'll just give you the nominees for the Best Blog:

     Best Blog Nominees: This category is similar to the best website category, except it deals only with blogs.

The Unofficial AIO Blog

Just Another AIO Blog

The Voice of Odyssey

Out of Control In Odyssey

Down Odyssey Lane

The AIO Fan’s Life

The Adventures in Odyssey Blog
     And the winner is... Out of Control In Odyssey! Josh and Ally, the webmasters of this blog, have an amazing video presentation acceptance speech for you! Here is the link to it:

     That was amazing, wasn't it? Thank you very much, Josh and Ally! Well, I'm afraid the ceremony must come to a close now. Thanks to everyone who voted, won, and was nominated! Until next time, I'm your host, Alex Jefferson, and I'd like to get out of this tuxedo now! Bye!

     That was interesting, wasn't it? I really enjoyed all the acceptance speeches! Anyway, so the winners won't be a giveaway next ceremony, I'm planning on using a different poll and perhaps recording the ceremony. But, for now, I hope you enjoyed it! And don't forget to check out the new AIC soon!
     Thanks for reading!