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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AIO News 9/5/12

     Hey, everyone! Not really any news at all today, but I just wanted to say that JAAIOB will have two new pages/features in the near future. (As in, they'll be up by this weekend.) First off, we will be installing a very extensive link page, so you can get a list of every AIO blog/website/podcast out there. It will also include some non-related but related blogs. (Such as Brock Eastman's blog.) This page won't be The Imagination Station, but I'm still hoping I can get as massive of a link page as possible.
     The second thing I wanted to say is that JAAIOB will be launching a inside group inspired by TOJ's TNT Insider. This will be called JAAIOB Scoop, and it will be distributed through all AIO MBs. (SS, ToO, CC) To sign up for JAAIOB Scoop, simply pm me on any of these MBs or contact me at CreativeThinker101@gmail.com. You will not only get an alert that a new post is out, but you will also have the opportunity to voice your opinions on JAAIOB and suggest new things and ways to improve my little blog. So sign up for that!
     Well, that's about all... I might have an article for you tomorrow, but... we'll just have to see. Until next time, I'm Bryce, er - Alex Jefferson, and this is... AIO News! (I suppose it's more like JAAIOB News, but whatever.)
     Thanks for reading!

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