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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Feature 9/16/12

     Sorry I didn't get this feature out for a while, but I have a truly awesome excuse. I've been listening to Odyssey! That's right! For just about the entire day, I've been indulging in the clean, hilarious, character-building entertainment that this amazing show offers! I just got a boatload of albums for my birthday yesterday, so I listened to some episodes I had actually never heard before (in Album 8), as well as revisiting the captivating Novacom Saga in Volume 38 and chuckling at all the unfortunate missteps in Album 51. (Including the character of Emily) But I also had time to record a podcast today. I'll have it out for you soon, though I'm afraid not tonight. I also am starting to get a guilty conscience about AIC, but I just can't bring myself to sit down and write it. I've had a busy weekend, though, it all seemed to fly by in just a couple of hours, what with my birthday party, listening to Odyssey, and recording a podcast. And after listening to the epic Novacom saga for hours, I simply had to do a feature on sagas! So here it is, my take on the Top 5 Best Saga Episodes:

     5.   The Top Floor: In Nathan Hoobler's interview with me, he said this was the best episode that he had written. I wouldn't go that far, but it still deserves a spot on this list. Why? Quite simply, because it's great! The African scenes, the intensity of it all, Eugene's conversations with his Dad, the shocking revelation that Everret is alive, and the ending are all well-done. It is easily the best Eugene Searching For His Father episode and, in my opinion, is better than several Novacom and Blackgaard episodes. It's a true action-adventure masterpiece, and I love it! But the epic ep. that beat it is...

     4. 38front.jpg Box of Miracles: Yes. Yes, I'm sure this is a bit of a surprise. You were probably thinking "Exit!" But I honestly think that the last three Novacom episodes were a little rushed, and the saga could've been given another several episodes to really develop. But Box of Miracles is a perfect example of an ideal Novacom episode: it's intense, chilling, it references God without being cliche about it, and it reveals more of the plot without seeming rushed. I love the idea of Tom and Whit butting heads about Novacom, and Bryan Dern and Arthur Dent just made this episode great. The acting was superb, the writing was perfect, and it set the stage for the last 5 episodes in an entertaining and satisfying way. I say it is one of the best Novacom episodes and it certainly exceeds Expect the Worst, Exactly As Planned, and even Exit. But it's not the best...

     3. 05front.jpg The Battle: Ah yes, the Blackgaard episodes will always come late in the list. And while The Nemesis was good, I think The Battle is better. It certainly exceeded fan's expectations and got far bigger and more intense than anyone thought Odyssey could at the times. Blackgaard and Maxwell are ideal villians, and Lucy's conversation with Richard int eh hospital was fascinating. I just love this episode, it's a true example of a great, classic AIO episode of an era from days gone by. So what other saga episode got on the list?

     2. 25front.jpg The Final Conflict: DBD always seems to finish in 2nd place in my lists. I am a big fan of Blackgaard, but I can't honestly say that The Final Conflict was the best saga episode ever. However, it was a mind-blowing conclusion that blew all previous saga episodes out of the water and set the standard for future saga endings. The way they picked off the villians one by one before it was just Blackgaard always excites me. The entire saga just makes me want to jump up and down with excitement. And, the winner is...

     1. 37front.jpg Plan B: Collision Course: I'm just a sucker for this episode. I really am. There is no way I wouldn't give it first on a list like this. It's more exciting than any other episode in Odyssey history, (yes, that's a bold statement, but I believe it's true) and the way it was a ll sewn together to make way for the ending was great. It was unpredictable at every turn, and Arthur Dent put on another stellar, mad-man performance. Mr. Charles was just plain epic, and the emotion, intensity, and occasional comedy with the brilliant David Griffin all just came together to make the episode that is by a shadow of a doubt the best saga episode ever.

(Note: If you're wondering about The Time Has Come, I don't consider it a Blackgaard episode, and this list was for action-adventure sagas only.)

     I hope you enjoyed that, cause I sure enjoyed writing it! I love these little lists, and I haven't done one in a while. I'll try to post more often, so you guys can get your daily dose of JAAIOB. And don't worry, the podcast should be out tomorrow.
     Thanks for reading!

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  1. That was a awesome post! Keep it up. And Alex I know there are people that want AIC back but truth be told I'm to lazy to read it....